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I've wanted to write another story in first person for a few years now. I haven't done it since Broadcast 0, and I find that style is the easiest, so I decided to take the plunge. Nem is all about plundering my own imagination and seeing a fantastic world through the eyes of a new character. It's a fantasy yarn that will probably be fairly short, since I plan on only telling one story for now, then deciding whether or not I'd like to write more. Your opinions are important, but don't bother nitpocking the grammar or spelling mistakes. That's not what I mean by 'your opinion.'

I'd like to see your comments on the story, the characters, the worlds, the pop culture references, even the references to my own work, because this is connected to a few of my other books.

What is Nem about? The main character, who is named Grant for now, is sent on an adventure in a fantasy world much like the one depicted in Highshield. He comes from our time - actually, one month ago - and was once the winner of a Medieval tournament, which has brought him some unexpected attention.

I won't say anymore, since Grant (the main character), tells the story better.

I hope you enjoy this and that it helps you pass the time. Oh, and there is a chance this won't be published in the end, that's partially up to you, so you may be the only group of people who ever read it.

Until the book is finished, new chapters will be posted on Mondays and Fridays for Tier 3 subscribers. Each one will unlock a few days later for everyone.

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