#63: What...? A Giraffe Sent on a Ship from East Africa to China in the 1400’s? **-- Book of the Day


**See this article on the: East African Trade with China in the 1400’s.

Advanced African Societies in 1492—Book of the Day

Augusta introduces another “Book of the Day”. Her topic is 14th and 15th century Africa. The featured book is The World in 1492. Holt Publisher . This award-winning book has five chapters, each written by a different author whose focus is one of five parts of the world:  Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and Oceania, and the Americas. 

The authors Patricia and Frederick McKissack are the authors of the chapter on Africa—the chapter that is Augusta’s focus. 

Ibn Batuta was a world traveler during the period 1325—1354 . He wrote extensively about his journeys.  

Augusta reads a few excerpts from the book describing the city of Kilwa in East Africa with its advanced development.

Augusta shows us two additional books that are solely about his travels:

  • Ibn Battuta in Black Africa Translated and edited by Said Hamdun and Noel King . Notes on the back cover: “One of the most important documents about Black Africa written by a non-European medieval historian, this narrative provides a unique view of the high culture, pride, and independence of black African states in the fourteenth century. “ 
  • Traveling Man: The Journey of Ibn Battuta 1325—1354 By James Rumford. It is a picture book with a unique design.  Written using first person instead of the expected third person, Batuta’s words are brief , but effective. There is not much detail. 

She ends the video with remarks on how important it is for students to know history—not just their own people’s history and also history of the world’s people.

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