Content Summary for March 2020

Apr 2, 2020

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Looking back through the list of 'stuff', I can see a few highlights.

I released a new course on Linkedin Learning that covers Effective Synchronisation in WebDriver. I crammed a lot of information into this and the example source code. I created a short overview of the course here. The course is available as part of a LinkedIn Learning subscription, or you can buy it as an individual course.

The course uses a custom app that I wrote called The Synchole, which you can use to practise your testing.

Some of the functionality for that made its way into my Test Pages.

All the conferences I was getting ready for got cancelled - that isn't a highlight, but it does mean that some of the prep work made its way into The Pulper test application so it now has an API and a bunch of new versions to test.

I released a new podcast episode, and migrated my podcast hosting to a new host. Hopefully the feeds have all migrated to the podcast syndication sites. I've moved to, nothing wrong with podbean just that were running a good pricing deal so I jumped ship.

I uploaded a new video on the distinction between Observation and Interrogation. This distinction has made a big difference to how I approach testing so I hope this is useful.

Viv Richard's has released a free ebook which will eventually have 80 essays in it from testers around the world. You can pay for the book and Viv will donate the proceeds to charity. I contributed an essay to the book.

Twitter Summary for March 2020

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I was asked a question about how to learn JavaScript so I answered and then started tweeting my answers to social media.

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I released a new course on LinkedIn Learning and updated some of my other courses and tools:

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