How I Spin Vlog: Yarn Substitution Intro

Dear Spinning Circle,

 Link to YouTube video here.

 Welcome to How I Spin! PLEASE READ below for some SPECIAL, LIMITED TIME offers of tiers on PATREON for you to participate in if you are looking to GO DEEP into this content!

How I Spin is an opportunity for me to share in more detail about the yarns that I spin throughout the weeks and months here at Wool n’ Spinning. We have looked at specific yarns in the past, including months devoted to a single textured yarn and other months devoted to series, such as our ongoing Sock Study that lasted 9 months and turned into a lot of other content in the process. 

Let me tell you about this current mini-series we will be delving into next here in How I Spin!

If you would like to learn more, please check out the landing page of Patreon and look for the Co-Executive Producer & Attentive Spinner tiers specifically. For those wanting the downloadable Transcript of each vlog, please check out the Attentive Spinner tier! They will be receiving a separate post each month with the PDF attached!

As well, I will be offering a Limited Time Queries & Explorations - Yarn Substitution - 2 sessions per month for the next 4 months for YOU to be able to ask questions, get suggestions, make a plan for your spinning and making, and learn from others in the community as well. LIMITED SPACE will be available for these sessions - the PATREON TIER will GO LIVE on May 1st @ 8am PDT.  These will be hosted on Saturday, May 16 & 30 @ 8:15am PDT, via Zoom Meetings (links will be posted in Patreon for you). 

Utilize me as a resource for these sessions - I will be available to answer questions, help and give advice (when asked for). I hope you join us! 

Think about applying this learning as part of your #zerotohero project for 2020! 

We also have a SPECIAL OFFER running that this time for the FREE ebook based on the How I Spin content we created in 2019: How I Spin: A Sock Study. Your link is provided when you join one of the tiers included in the Special Offer! 

Consider joining us! 

Happy spinning, knitting & dreaming,


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