Hidden Details: Animal Roasting

Welcome to the twenty-seventh episode of the revamped Hidden Details blog!

Have you found some obscure reference or detail in this comic? A JoJo reference? A sneaky little Loss? A callback to a previous comic? Let us know what you've found in the comments! Every detail that has been found will be added to the list below. Once everything has been found, this comic will officially be marked with "all details found".

The Patron who has found the most Hidden Details at the end of the year might win something nice... We still need to do the big reveal of last year's winner though!

Please only comment with ONE hidden detail or reference!

There is ONE Loss, ONE Balthazar and NO JoJo reference.

1: SLOOF is a big part of the comic of course, as an organized April fool's joke all webcomic artists participated in.
There is once again a Magikarp present in this comic. This time in the background of the third panel. Found by John Hattan
In the fourth panel, there's a sign that says the museum was sponsored by SLOOF. Found by Toon Draw
4: It's barely visible, but loss.jpg is in the background of the fourth panel, as a museum painting.
A villager-fied Balthazar is casually strolling by in the fourth panel. Found by AquaticMadman

After one week, I'll reveal all the details that haven't been found. These ones are written in italic.

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