How Much Does SEO Cost?

Because SEO services have become an important aspect of internet marketing. Many business owners have started to ask questions about SEO. 

One of the many questions put forward by most business owners in Toronto are: 

How much does SEO cost? Is it cost-effective and is it worth the money that goes into it?

How much does SEO cost?

In as much as there are many types of SEO services (the services come in many forms) and as such, the cost varies. So exactly how much does SEO cost? 

There is no fixed price for SEO services. This reality has made so many business owners and CEO’s battle with finding the right SEO agency and deal. 

However, the point remains that SEO services work mostly with your

  • Website's positioning on search engine result pages (SERPs)
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Niche
  • Competitive landscape
  • Duration of campaign
  • SEO deliverables

The aforementioned factors or variables will determine the cost of running an SEO campaign or SEO services for your Toronto business website or webpage.

The mistake that most business owners make

First, here’s a mistake that most CEO’s and business owners make. Let’s face it, most times business owners really have no idea how SEO works. In business, there is usually a definitive basis for how things work. 

For point 1 to point 2 requires a definitive method of movement, but SEO is more complicated than that, yet they treat SEO like some commodity and budget a definitive amount, not knowing that SEO varies according to certain variables. 

The typical cost of SEO services

Usually, SEO campaigns range anywhere around $250 to $5000. For business owners who are starting from scratch, the cost may be around $500 monthly. 

It is important to note that even though you pay $500 per month for SEO services, it doesn't necessarily mean that your website will get to the front page of search results for keywords associated with your business. 

To rank on Google’s first page, it takes time - usually between a period of six months. 


How is SEO cost calculated?

For example, If your website or webpage isn’t ranking on Google (not in the first 100 search results for your niche keywords), it is most likely that the SEO company will charge $600 per month, for a 6 months period to optimize your website for at least 5 keywords associated with your niche.

Also, if you require quick results, i.e. you want your website to be on Google’s first page within three months. In this case, you may be required to pay a monthly fee of $800 - $1000 depending on which SEO Company or expert you go wit.  That is the price range for quality SEO services in Toronto. 

How to be safe with your SEO cost?

Some SEO companies offer a ‘’trial package’’( without contracts) so you can gauge the quality of their services and also minimize risks. But you can't measure the effectiveness of SEO campaigns within a month due to the fact that Google updates their algorithm every now and then. More so, SEOs have no control over Google's algorithm and SERP positions. 

Final notes

If you are a business owner in Toronto and you have a budget set aside for SEO services. 

My advice is to do some research yourself;

Find out your website SEO positions by using simple tools like or SEMRush

After you have determined your website's position on search engine platforms (i.e. Google, Bing, etc) most people are only interested in knowing their website's position only on Google. Anyways, do whatever works best for you.

After you know your website's position on Google, speak to an SEO consultant or SEO agency. 

1. Ask them how much it will cost to rank your website on the first page assuming your website is on the third page for your business-related keyword phrases

2. Ask what SEO deliverables you will get with the SEO Campaign Plan or Package


If you are in the Real Estate, Law, Dental or eCommerce industry. You may likely pay more than other industries. Why? because the competition in the aforesaid industries is very high.

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