Personal Message From Me

Too many people charge  hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their courses. I became tired  of the "spirituality is only for the rich" mentality. I wanted to do something about it. 

I decided to BE the change that I wanted to see in the world.

That's why I stopped selling programs two years ago. Now, I give my work away for free. No strings attached. 

Vicki Robin says that  how we spend our money is how we vote for what exists in the world.

Faithfully, I place my trust in the generous people in our community, like yourself, to support my work. You can think of it kind of like PBS - I'll keep working for you, and your support makes it possible for us  to help, inspire, and empower people in over 150 countries worldwide.  

We are a team. 

Together, we can change the world. 

Please know that your contribution directly supports the creation of life-changing courses (all free!), producing & sharing inspirational videos like this, and writing thought-provoking emails that help you improve your life! 

Please know that I love you no matter how little or much you support my work! 

Whether you tithe $1, $100, or anything in between. I love you and am grateful for your support. 

People like you make our community strong. :)

This platform, Patreon, is also a way for me to connect more directly with you! Feel free to write comments & share your thoughts on my posts. I promise to respond.

I also know that some people prefer to get even more personal with me. They want to be able to ask me questions and know, with certainty, that I'll give them my 100% undivided attention. 

That's why I've created additional tithing opportunities - both the "Insider Access" and "Co-Creator" tiers.

In fact, everybody at the $10 " Co-Creator"  tier gets to directly ask me questions, and I will to create  resources (videos, eBooks, courses, emails, etc) specifically as an  answer to their questions. This is the best way to get direct access to me during these busy times. :)

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Now an odd question... Who Are You?

Because you're reading this, then you are most likely one of the  positive-minded people in our community who have loved and benefited  from my personal growth courses,  life-changing writing, websites,  inspirational videos, multiple Facebook pages, and morning walk videos for months, years, or even over the decade since I began.

You're also probably among the people who write me daily with thank you messages, who generously  support my work through gratitude tithes, and who write comments about how I've changed their lives for the better.

You help make our community strong. You're among  our community of miracle-making world changers who share my creations  with the world so that more and more people can be positively impacted.  You're the kind of person who votes your conscience.

THANK YOU for helping make our world a better place!

My Journey Has Not Been Easy...

In 2009 I made the gut-wrenching decision to leave a comfortable Silicon  Valley six-figure corporate job for the unpredictable path of  entrepreneurship and service to you. 

Then my path took an unexpected, even more challenging turn...

In 2012, I became a single full-time father and have been ever since.

For nearly a decade it's been up  and down as I've tried many different ways to create a sustainable  income that would allow me to serve you each and every day.

All of those ups and downs have led me to this website, Patreon, and creating new ways for us to connect with each other, support our community, and chance the world.

I'm here to serve  you.  

And together, we make the world a better place.

Here's What You Can Do Next...

If you believe that our world needs more inspiration, positivity, and kindness...

If you believe that the small things in life can make a big difference...

And if you believe that together we can make our world a better place...

Then click here and become a supporter.

You can actually pledge as little as a buck! 

That may not sound like  much. Just know that when people like you pledge even just the tiniest amount of  support, that adds up and helps us make a bigger difference in the  world.

That's why no matter how much you tithe, you have my undying eternal gratitude. 

Also as I shared, when you become a supporter we can connect more easily  together. That way you can share your feedback and questions with me,  and I can give you more personalized attention than is normally possible.

In other words,  you get a voice in what kinds of resources I create -- specifically to help you out in your life. :)

10% Helps Women & Children RISE UP From Domestic Violence

Having been a victim of domestic violence, I know how devastating it can be in our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

That's why one of my big dreams is to found the "Miracles Now Foundation." It's mission will be to share messages of positivity, inspiration, and hope  with women children who are rising up from domestic violence.  

It will bring them life-changing personal growth workshops combined with  generous donations of apparel & coffee cups that have inspirational  messages -- so that those women and children can be supported in mind,  body, spirit, and environment.

The formation of this non-profit has been one of my biggest heart's  wishes. It's something I've kept quiet for years, and now I'm ready to  both announce it to the world, and with your generous support, also make  it become a reality.

In fact, as soon as we reach 500 community  supporters, I will officially incorporate it and establish the first  board of directors! We're already 20% of the way there.  

Until this non-profit is formally created, 10% of all profits I earn go directly to help women & children rise up from  domestic violence.

Click here to become a supporter.

Together, we make a difference. Together, we are the change. 

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