Change Log: 4-5-20 to 4-11-20 plus a quick Q & A video!

What's up, everyone!!!!!!!!! It's that time again! The changelog for this week can be found below. I also uploaded a quick vid answering several questions I've received on here and that discusses my plans for a release. I apologize in advance, but the update vid I planned to initially put up today has been pushed back until next weekend. I explain why in the Q & A vid.

Take a look at it and if you have any questions, feel free to ask away below!




· Patreon update: Gave shoutouts including to PP contributor Nadine. Made vid showing off slope movement, stairs and rear legs collision changes (including in air). 

· Fixed a small bug on slopes where turn's stairsLevel value was prematurely changing.

· Began entering swimmign animations. Completed treadIdle and underIdle (anims and sheets). Broke sheets up using a new faster method for anim creation, since we don't have to worry about slopes here:

o The rear legs, rear body and Fleg1 are all kept together and placed under rear as it's sprite

o The head and torso are placed under torso.

o A Copy of FLeg1 & 2 is placed under Fleg2, due to Fleg2 having to be below the torso depth wise

· Entered the biting sheets for treadIdle(3) and underIdle(3)


· began experimenting with swimming for the wolf. it seems that the best way to do it, would be to check a small point above the middle collider. If touching water, make him swim. This should be independant of angle. It also seems that the rearbox coll will need to be adjusted slightly and another coll box size be setup

· Modified stairs code to no longer need stair enders and instead use some code from the slope angling scripts. Removed depreciated vars and code.

· Removed stairender objects from stairs prefabs and removed the stairEnder tag as well.

· Fixed another small bug when backstepping as the wolf while turning around where vspeed was removed

· Seperated stairs wolf form scripts. Hid several vars in the collision engine that were no longer needed for debugging.


· Changed soundeffect when changing to wolf or to bat from wolf or vice versa to not be a one shot and instead use effectsSource. Also renamed 3 audiosource vars in playerMain to have shorter names.

· Implemented a quick line of code so that when you take damage effects like changing forms, air rush etc. are stopped

· FIXED NEW BUG IN VERT COLLIDERS due to an error when removing code for stairEnders

· Cleaned up moving platforms code slightly

· Fixed brightness of Vanishing/Moving Platforms and water splashes (decreased alpha to 96 from) due to changing additiveLit shader a few weeks back. Assigned unique materials to those objects so that they all no longer share the additiveLit mat.

· Put in code so that when in bat if you hit water at all you change back to alu.

· Put in code so that when in deep enough, if in mist form you either turn back to Alu, or if you were in wolf form, back to it.

· Put in code to determine water level; this sets when movement is slowed for Alu/wolf, when wolf goes to swim, and also when mist turns back to Alu/wolf.

· heavily modified outdated water collision code to accomodate new methods. Cleaned up and noted code.

· Adjusted jumping behaviour scripts for wolf/alu and high jump as alu to make big splashes/particles when jumping out of water.

· Loaded in and setup sprite sheets for treadMove and underMove (limbs are the same for both so they were named swimMove#), along with biting sheets for both (6 of them in total)


· Implemented code so that if you hit swiming level water as wolf without the hold relic, you turn back to Alu. Water relic allows wolf to swim, and increases underwater time without needing air.

· Tracked down and fixed bug related to hitting water as mist in wolf form, being turned back to Alu, then turning to wolf and going to mist form again crashing the game (alpha values for wolf copy needed to be updated from 0 to something over 0)

· Put in code so when you hit water and are turned back to Alu while in bat/wolf form you are invincible until the change back anim ends.

· Put in code for Alu when in deep water to disable certain moves: dashing (transitions to walk2), chargeMp (transitions to chargeMpEnd), dark meta, valmanway, vampire kiss, sub weapons, slide, grab object, pull switch, backstep, air rush, strong button attacks, use potion, use crash, high jump.

· Set up alu so that when in deep water he can only do his initial attack when standing and attacking (wpn set 1 and 2) and also in the air (only applies to wpn set 1). Greatly decreasing DPS.

· Updated advanced polygon collider package, in hopes that it would fix exceptions being thrown while everything was working fine. It didn't. Soooooooooooo....

· Commented out line 164 in advanced Polygon Collider Utilities where exception is thrown due to not detecting vertices. Also commented outondrawGizmos around line 340 in advanced pollygon collider script. These were just stopping the game, yet everything gameplay was worked fine.

· Fixed small animation bug with the wolf's falling anim where it would loop to too early in the anim.


· Added code to adjust hspeed when in mid to deep water for walking, dashing, lunging stab, whirlwind, air rush, air pain animations, etc.. Edited old code and removed depreciated lines related to water movement. NOTE: stand/crouch pain anims do NOT have decreased hspeed as this could make it hard to get away from an enemy after being hit.

· Added code to decrease jumping vspeed in mind to deep water; decreased min falling vspeed when in them as well.

· Put in code to end dark inferno teleport and go back to idle if we hit deep water while using the move.

· Put in code so that if you do the version of vampire kiss where he stays at your new pos but hit deep water, he will always teleport back to his starting position instead.

· Put in code to transiton wolf to swimming when we hit water deep enough to swim in.

· Added new deepWaterMult animator var that was attached to jump, doubleJump, fall, jumpForward, shieldJump, walk1, walk2, turn, shieldwalk, stomp, painFlying, painWallSlam & painJump2. In deep water, these anims slow to match their movement speed

· Added new attackMult animator var to Alu, weapon set1 and 2 animators. Attached it to all weak/strong attacks for alu, and to all animations under the wpnset1 and 2 anims.

· Added code to AnimUpdatesAlu to set deepWaterMult & attackMult as needed based on waterLevel via 2 new methods. Added vars to store wpn set 1 & 2 animators.

· Fixed small movement bug where if the player went into jumpAtk1 after having airCHainUsed set to true, and was jumping straight up, he couldn't move forward until near the end of the anim.

· Fixed small anim bug due to new code yesterday where in deep water, the player wouldn't properly go to FallAtk1.

· Fixed small anim bug where jump, jumpForward and painJump2 did not loop the end of their anims.


· Began working on scripting for swimIdle behaviour, along with main swimming scripts for wolf.

· Coded in treadSwim and underSwim animations.

· Put in code to make splashes occur when high jumping out of mid level water

· Removed big splash when walking out of water

· Removed pop up in air chain and air rushing when water Level >1

· Tested underwater physics extensively in human form; tweaked values as needed. 

· Combined scripts for adjusting hspeed/vspeed due to waterLevel > 1 and cleaned up code.

· *Put in treadBurst, underBurst and underPaddle animations along with setting up sheets.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts