Tier Benefits
Pledge $1 or more per weekly episode
5 patrons
  • Vote on future books to read through. Every couple of weeks I'll nominate 5 books, make a poll, and allow any and all patrons to vote on which book I read through with a lucky guest.
  • Priority access for live shows. You can be informed a week in advance when I have any big shows planned. If you don't want to be disappointed by the tickets running out, this is for you!
  • Access to the Democracy Adventure. At the end of future updates I will be reading a passage from an adventure book. If you're a backer, you get to vote on where we go in the story! Let democracy find the safest way through.
Pledge $5 or more per weekly episode
2 patrons
Dramatic reading. I will read through a passage of your choosing. Send me an email and every couple weeks I will read something and send you the mp3 of it! I reserve the right to refuse if you make me do stuff like confess to a crime or if you make me read War & Peace.
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