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A 360 live video!
Hello!!! How are you?! 

I took a break from recording and writing this week and have been hiding away catching up on A LOT of video editing from things I filmed last year!

It's been wonderful to spend the mornings surfing at the beach and soaking up the sun and then going in to youtube space LA and editing videos for 9 hours, going home, sleeping and repeat!

This is a 360 VR video which hopefully you will be able to watch in 360 because it's a little bit interactive!

I have a mission, and it's for you to find all the chameleons that are hiding in this video! Let me know how many you find and if you enjoy it, please share this video with your friends, like, comment etc as it all helps make the video more visible to others if people are engaging!!

I have SO many exciting videos and music to share with you in the next few weeks and months so I will keep you posted here!!!

and today I am thanking all of my Red Carpet and above Patrons in the video description instead of on the actual video itself.

You guys are amazing!! I hope you enjoy the video and have a fantastic weekend!!