[Intro] Scribble + Sense - Counting the Omer to Shavuot (Pentecost)

[Edited] I've added a PDF for our senses check-in since it's a bit harder to read it on the video slide (see attachment). Watch & listen to the Intro video.

SOULjourner, we've had all kinds of tech issues with the production of this video series, but we're finally seeing forward movement!  (If there are any kinks with the video, please let a sistah know. ;))

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How do we count?

The Omer is traditionally counted at nightfall—the Jewish new day actually begins after sunset, until the next sunset. However, you may count at any time throughout your day. For example, today is Day 6 of the Omer, and it will be until this evening. 

Good to Know

Although I'm not starting the series with day one of the Omer, we are starting where we can—and that is good enough, in my opinion.

Feel free to share this preview clip with someone who comes to your mind that may appreciate this inner journey of the heart. 

P.S. Watch & listen to the Intro video. Also, make sure you read this post to download the meditation guide (if you haven't already)

Thank you immensely for taking this inner journey of the everyday small harvest of your inmost being, SOULjourner!

Shalom is our inheritance,

Andrea "Mohawkmomma"

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