How to Fold a PRINTED (COPIED) 1-Sheet Mini

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It turns out when I'm making a BLANK 1-SHEET MINI to draw in, I fold it a little differently from how I fold an already-drawn (PRINTED) mini... 

Here's a little (printable) guide & some photos to walk you through the process.
First, the printable GIF, showing the mini with its 8 pages numbered:    

With a printed book, it helps to keep the outside front cover (OFC) in view at all times while folding.  

Here's what it looks like with my hands folding this week's 1 MONSTER mini ---
I've added green arrows to show folds, & highlighted the OFC in yellow:

STEP 1) Hold paper like this:

 See that OFC in yellow?
Okay -- Keep your eye on it!  

2) First fold:  

Fold the top around back -- Still looking @ that OFC:

3) 2nd Fold: 

Right 1/2 around back -- Watching the OFC! 

4) 3rd Fold: 

Now the LEFT 1/2 around back... OFC still visible!  

5) Open it back up:

6) Reverse the middle fold: 

Right 1/2 around back: 

7) Cut center line (just past spine fold):

Basically following the fold @ the TOP of the OFC: 

8) Grab the chicken beak:  

9) Open the chicken beak...: 

 OR drawn another way, from our printable guide

10) Make the "X":

11) Bring the "X" arms together & close up the book:  

And there you go!

Hope that helps.   
Let me know if you have any questions...
This is something I always demo multiple times in the classroom, so don't get frustrated if it's not quite working out for you at first!  
It's not exactly rocket science, but it might take some trial & error. 

You can also refer to the video demo for BLANK 1-Sheets:

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