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Hi everyone!

We hope everyone is doing alright. We are trying to stay home as much as we can and it's influencing the way we work. As a result we at least won't be able to make videos for a while,
but we'll keep making games as long as we can!
We want to thank everyone that keeps supporting us, even in these strange times. We can't express how much we appreciate you! Stay safe!

"The new game is called "Yardlings". It is a local multiplayer battle arena! I realize that a local multiplayer game might not be the most desirable type of game when everyone is avoiding being together. I already started making it before the pandemic really started. So let's hope we can come together soon and play it with our friends and families!
Also, to overcome this issue I created an AI you can play against. There's even a little campaign!

The game is inspired by the -warriors series, such as dynasty warriors. It always seemed fun to me in a local multiplayer setting to be a leader of an army where you have to strategically place yourself on the battlefield.
However, in Yardlings, even though you play as a strong hero (e.g. tomato or eggplant), you're only stronger than maybe 3 small mushrooms, so the goal is really to rally a big following and lead them into victory!

- Tijmen"

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