Phenomenacon: The World's First Online Paranormal Conference Kicks off May 1! Speaker List, Schedule, and Ticket Info:

Phenomenacon is the first-ever online paranormal conference, dedicated to bringing you the brightest minds in the study of High Strangeness, the biggest stars from your favorite paranormal television shows, and the most accessible event experience ever!


Born from the mass postponements and cancellations of paranormal events in the midst of a global pandemic, Phenomenacon aims to temporarily fill the void left by social distancing and nationwide bans on large gatherings. By providing a highly polished, easily accessible, and inexpensive online event with top tier presenters, Phenomenacon scratches the itch for lovers of the unexplained who've seen their favorite events postponed into late 2020 and beyond.

Organized and hosted by The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult, the world's only mobile museum of the unexplained, Phenomenacon is a three day, online event full of workshops, multimedia presentations, and interactive discussions with the most exciting names in paranormal research, ufology, witchcraft, folklore, conspiracy, and more.

Learn how to accurately research property records with Kindred Spirits' Amy Bruni! Uncover the truth about conspiracy theory in times of crisis with Weird Lectures' John E.L. Tenney! Trace the history of Instrumental Trans-dimensional Communication with Hellier's Connor J. Randall! Separate demonology fact from fiction with Portals to Hell's Michelle Belanger! Delve into the alien abduction phenomena's folkloric history with Ancient Aliens' Josh Cutchin! 

Phenomenacon will be streamed live in the museum's secret Facebook group, where you can interact with other attendees, take part in live question and answer sessions with the presenters, and even visit virtual merch tables where you can snag special deals on each presenter's books, art, films, and other cool stuff that supports their work.

Your ticket is just $15, or completely free for most existing museum members.

All that's needed to attend all three days of Phenomenacon is a membership to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult at the Friend of the Museum level [$15] or higher. 

[IMPORTANT NOTE: if you only intend to pledge for access to the conference and don't plan on maintaining a regular museum membership with us - which we would love because memberships support our groundbreaking work and events like these -  please read the important information at the bottom of this page before pledging to avoid any confusion about how Patreon's billing system works. We can't stress this enough.]

Your membership doesn't just gain you access to the world's only online paracon, it unlocks hundreds of hours of exclusive content just for museum members, including live paranormal investigations, in-depth looks at rare artifacts from the history of the unexplained, classes on magick and the occult, and all the incredible daily content in our ongoing Paranormal Quarantine event. Your membership also supports our mission to preserve and protect items of historical and paranormal significance to the study of the unexplained.

Whether you only pledge long enough to attend the event or decide to stick around end enjoy all the perks of museum membership, $15 is the cheapest paranormal conference ticket you'll ever buy, especially when it comes to the quality of the speakers and hours of entertainment.

There's no need to reserve a ticket, no add-ons or expensive extras, and every seat is V.I.P.!


Join Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult director Greg Newkirk for a warm, weird welcome to the first-ever online paracon dedicated to everything from ufology to witchcraft, conspiracy, haunted artifacts, spiritualism, and everything in between.


Artist, occult adventurer, and paranormal researcher, Tyler Strand has found an altogether unique niche in the paranormal field by leveraging his training as a special makeup and effects professional as a way to preserve the history of the anomalous in a way few others can.

Strand kicks off the first day of Phenomenacon with a fascinating and insightful multimedia presentation about how an artistic eye can be the key to cracking a case. Learn how Strand gave a face to the Kentucky Goblins in Hellier's opening intro, helped The Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult safely preserve a haunted object, and how he used his special effects skills to solve a two-hundred year old mystery.


Timothy Renner is an author, illustrator, and folk musician. His illustrations have appeared in the pages of various books, magazines, fanzines and comics - as well as on many record and CD covers. Since 1995, Timothy has been making music both solo and with his band, Stone Breath, and his hour-long experimental sonic ritual, Wildnisgeist, can be heard in the Planet Weird series Hellier

Renner is also the host of Strange Familiars, a paranormal podcast that tells stories through a combination of historical research, witness interviews, discussion, and on-site recordings when possible, many of which cover the spookier forgotten legends surrounding his home state of Pennsylvania.

His upcoming book, Where the Footprints End, co-authored with fellow Phenomenacon speaker Joshua Cutchin, offers the first scholarly look at Bigfoot through the lens of folklore, highlighting encounters with the hairy man that cryptozoology would rather ignore.


Michelle Belanger is an author, psychic, and prominent advocate for the Vampire community. When she's not busy exploring some of America's most haunted locations on Travel Channel's Portals to Hell, she's a leading authority on psychic and supernatural topics, Michelle’s non-fiction research in books like The Dictionary of Demons and The Psychic Vampire Codex are regularly sourced in television shows, university courses, and numerous publications around the world.

As one of the most knowledgable minds on the subject of Demonology (after all, she literally wrote the book on it), Michelle Belanger invites you to join her for a look at how our beliefs in demons, exorcism, and possession have changed from their ancient roots stretching back to the very cradle of Western civilization to today. Learn where our notions about demons come from, what type of spirits have traditionally been identified as demonic, and how humans have battled these terrifying beings from ancient Sumer to our present age.


A practicing witch for well over two decades, Dana Newkirk has managed to expertly blend her knowledge of witchcraft and tarot with her career as a paranormal investigator in order to help both the living and the dead, a rare talent that’s proven invaluable in her line of work.

When she’s not conjuring up conversations with otherworldly entities on hit television shows like Travel Channel’s Kindred Spirits or performing magical invocations in Planet Weird's Hellier, Dana's busy crafting the next Magic of the Month - a handcrafted magical subscription box that focuses on a new ritual theme every month, lecturing at some of the world's biggest paranormal events, and holding live crystal singing bowl meditations aimed at calming busy minds and healing wounded hearts.

In this special live event, Dana invites you to get comfortable, throw on a pair of headphones, and relax as she leads you through a guided quartz crystal singing bowl meditation. For more about what to expect from this event, read up on her meditations here.


Join museum director Greg Newkirk for a welcome to the second day of Phenomenacon with announcements, news, and a preview of the day's events. 


Calvin Von Crush is a full-time tattoo artist, musician, and a Director for the Talking Board Historical Society, the only group dedicated to preserving the Ouija board's past. 

When he's not preserving the history of the Ouija board or creating beautiful body-based artwork, he's busy growing and maintaining one of the most impressive collections of original Spiritualist ephemera in the world. From antique rapping hands, to rare seance trumpets, to vintage ectoplasmic secretions from god knows where, they don't call him The Occult Collector for nothing.

Join Calvin Von Crush as he reaches in to his incredible collection and highlights some of the most amazing items from the history of spirit communication, demonstrates their usage, and discusses the timeless legends that have sprung up around them. 


Connor J. Randall is a paranormal researcher who might be best known for his work as executive producer and cast member on Planet Weird's Hellier, but he cut his teeth as a resident investigator of the famous Stanley Hotel, one of the most notoriously haunted locations in America, where he was a cast member of the web series Spirits of the Stanley.

During his time at the hotel, he helped develop the Estes Method, a groundbreaking spirit communication technique that combines sensory deprivation with modern day ghost hunting tech. The stunning results  are best-described as high-tech channeling sessions.

In this fascinating multimedia presentation, Randall traces the history of Instrumental Trans-Dimensional Communication highlighting the first instances of phantom voices accidentally captured on magnetic tape, electronic contraptions built to give the dead a voice, and what the future might hold for the development of two way communication beyond the veil.


As host of The Saucer Life Podcast, Aaron Gulyas takes listeners on fascinating journeys into the history of UFO lore, covering flying saucer research, extraterrestrial contactees, and tales of government cover-ups. Rather than attempting to debunk or confirm stories from flying saucer history, Gulyas observes them through the eyes of folklore, considering what these accounts say about us as a culture.

From Roswell to the Upper Peninsula and from Project Blue Book to encounters with peace-loving folks from Venus, the American public and the American media have been fascinated with the possibility that beings from other planets have been in contact with us, especially here in Michigan. In this special presentation, Aaron Gulyas explores the history of American hopes and fears about alien visitation and how these reflect the ways in which American culture and society have changed over the last seventy years.


Joshua Cutchin is a musician, expert on History Channel's Ancient Aliens, and one of the most exciting authors on the subject of High Strangeness alive today.

In his book Thieves in the Night: A Brief History of Supernatural Child Abductions, Cutchin connects the dots between modern day alien abductions and 19th century folk tales. In The Brimstone Deceit, he created the first scholarly look at the often overlooked olfactory elements of supernatural encounters. His forthcoming book Where the Footprints End, co-authored with fellow Phenemenacon speaker Timothy Renner, takes on the strangest Sasquatch encounters in history and is poised to become an instant classic.

In "Stock & Trade: Expressions of the Changeling Motif in Alien Hybrid Lore", Joshua Cutchin dissects present day claims of alien-human hybrids walking among us, stripping back the tales to their roots in the fairy abduction tales of old.


As a UFO researcher hailing from the golden age of ufology, a member of the Society for Psychical Research, and an occultist who spent two decades in the magical society of the O.T.O, Allen H. Greenfield is uniquely qualified to comment on High Strangeness in all its forms. 

The author of numerous books like Secret Cipher of the Ufonauts, The Roots of Modern Magick, and God Never Does the Same Thing Twice, Greenfield has also made numerous appearances on popular television shows like Planet Weird's Hellier, as well as History Channel's Ancient Aliens and Brad Meltzer's Decoded.

Join Allen Greenfield for an in-depth discussion spanning from the birth of ufology, to the nature of trickster phenomena, the secret origins of the Men In Black, the use of magic practice in paranormal investigation, how his work influenced Hellier, what he sees for the future of anomalistic research, and more. 


It's the third and final day of the first-ever Phenomenacon! Join the museum's Greg Newkirk for a news update, opening announcements, and a preview of the day's events. 


When they aren't performing interactive magick rituals on live television, popping up on shows like Travel Channel's Kindred Spirits and Beyond the Unknown, or chasing down Appalachian high strangeness in their own hit series Hellier, Dana and Greg Newkirk are busy preserving the paranormal by caring for the haunted, historical, and supernaturally-significant artifacts in the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult.

In this multimedia lecture, including rare footage, photos, and paranormal evidence from their archives, the Newkirks dispel common misconceptions about working with real haunted objects, while providing an intimate look at both the fun and frightening sides of curating the world’s only mobile museum of the strange and the unexplained.


Mat Auryn is a witch, professional psychic, and a High Priest in Sacred Fires Tradition of Witchcraft. As the author of wildly popular book Psychic Witch: A Metaphysical Guide To Meditation, Magick, and Manifestation, now in its third printing, Auryn takes a no-nonsense approach to giving readers the tools to unlock their own psychic potential.

Join Mat Auryn for a live discussion on how to harness your own sixth sense with lessons learned on the path toward becoming a psychic witch.


Amy Bruni is one of the biggest names in paranormal research for a reason. Not only is she the the Executive Producer and co-host of Travel Channel's Kindred Spirits, the author of the forthcoming book Life with the Afterlife: 13 Haunting Truths About Ghosts, and the CEO of the spooky boutique travel company Strange Escapes, but she's spent the last two decades building a reputation as one of the paranormal field's most skilled sleuths when it comes to digging up the historical records of haunted locations around the world.

In the perfect presentation for aspiring ghost detectives, join Amy Bruni as she offers a rare look into her research process, sharing everything from how to locate tough-to-find property records to the best sources for historical documents.


Paranormal researcher John E.L. Tenney has spent his life investigating why we believe the things we do, pondering questions like whether ghosts wear underwear or if the moon might actually be a spaceship. When he's not lending his extra-normal expertise to shows like Travel Channel's Kindred Spirits or Destination America's Ghost Stalkers, he's busy giving lectures on the unexplained to packed houses all over the world.

While there's a good chance you've been to one of his signature Weird Lectures, and heard stories that have made you laugh, shudder, and cry (you know the one), you might not know that Tenney is one of the most knowledgeable names on the subject of conspiracy theory, investigation into government conspiracies, and conspiracy culture. 

In a lecture perfect for the moment, Tenney breaks down the current state of conspiracy, and how global crises like COVID-19 shape what we choose to believe... and what we don't.


Join John E.L. Tenney and the cast of Planet Weird's hit television series Hellier, including Director / Editor Karl Pfeiffer and Greg Newkirk, Dana Newkirk, Connor Randall, and Tyler Strand, for a live roundtable discussion about the making of the show, its effect on the lives of the viewers and the paranormal field, and what the future holds for Hellier case.

During the roundtable, viewers will have an opportunity to have their own questions answered by the panel as well. Yes, you can even ask why they never found any goblins.


1. IMPORTANT: If you only plan on pledging to the museum just to attend the conference, be sure you don't pledge until May 1st or you will be charged for both April and May membership. There are no refunds for accidental pledges

2. TO REITERATE: This conference is presented in support of the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult and the speakers attending. If you join the museum just to attend the conference and drop your pledge afterwards, please keep in mind that we cannot offer refunds for any reason other than a complete cancellation of the event.

Please do consider sticking around, though, as we organize great stuff like this often and can truly use your support at a time when our traveling museum can't do much traveling, and our big events for 2020 have dried up. Check our past content and we think you'll see how maintaining a membership to the Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & Occult is.

3. Speakers and time slots are subject to change. Accidents, illnesses, and internet outages happen, especially during global pandemics. We'll do our best to make sure things go smooth.

4. All streams will be broadcast through our private Facebook group, therefore you must have a Facebook account to attend the online conference. If you have an aversion to social media, we recommend creating a burner account just for group access, which has worked out really well for dozens of our museum members. In the unlikely event that Facebook suffers an outage during the stream, we'll email every member a backup stream link. It is your own responsibility to make sure your email address on file with Patreon is correct.

5. Livestreams will be presented in the highest video quality possible, but due to each individual speaker's unique computer setup, internet strength, and audio/visual gear, video quality may vary from lecture to lecture. We'll do our best to keep things as consistent and polished as possible, but there may be the occasional hiccup. Please bear with us.

6. These live presentations will not be saved for later viewing. Just like a real conference, if you miss it, they won't be repeated. 

7. Phenomenacon is a safe, inclusive event for everyone, and the instigation of bad faith arguments, spamming the chatroom, fighting with with attendees, causing disruptions, or anything that might be considered "trolling" will result in an immediate removal and ban. If you want to spend $15 just to be dick, know that you won't last long in the event and a refund will not be issued to you. Be courteous to your fellow attendees, be respectful to your speakers, and don't be a jerk. It's rough out there. Be nice.

8. Please request access to the private Facebook group before 4:00PM EST. While we'll make every possible effort to approve pending requests to the group during each night of the conference, requests sent after 4PM EST each day will not be immediate, and there's a chance you may miss portions of a lecture, as we'll be busy actually running the conference.

9. Only emails sent to [email protected] or [email protected] will be seen. If you have questions about the event or your membership, do not send direct messages to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. of the organizers. They won't be seen or responded to.

10. We lack any ability to help with Patreon or Facebook platform issues. If your pledge was declined by Patreon, your Facebook account locked, or other technical issue on the end of the platforms, you must contact their customer support for assistance.

11. We highly recommend attending the conference on a laptop, desktop computer, or screencasting the event to a television for the best experience. If you choose to attend the conference on a tablet or mobile device, your experience will be limited and prone to issues with mobile data, screen size, and software limitations. 

12. *ABOUT TIPS: At the end of the weekend, all tips will be divided equally among the speakers, excluding Greg & Dana Newkirk. This is a great way to support the Phenomenacon family during the COVID-19 conference shutdowns if you just want to make a direct contribution. You can tip here. Tips are in $5 increments, but you can always up the number of increments.

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