Design Post #001 - Five Interior Level Designs

Hi! My name is Lilly Joyce! I’m a current Game Design Intern working at DVNC Tech. It’s been an awesome experience so far, and I’ve been lucky enough to work on the Monochrome RPG level designs! The Monochrome RPG is a berry punny 1920s cartoon-styled narrative game we’re, the Monochrome Workshop an online community supporting the development of the Monochrome RPG, excitedly working on!

Five New Levels!!!

I’ve created five new level layouts for Otto to explore. The Monochrome RPG has continued to evolve as development continues. Each new level will be transformed with stylized assets from the awesome artists in the Workshop! 

The 1920s was such a metamorphosis of interior styles, ranging from conservative to extravagant. Each level layout is the framework for an engaging and beautiful gameplay experience of an interior environment. At finalization, they will truly come to life and encourage a unique and distinctive overworld.

For each design, I focused on creating base level sketches, defining major structural areas and types of furniture and decor. These have been separated by their various asset types: 

  • Background - Assets that create the base floor and boundaries of the world
  • Midground - Assets that build out structures and the environment
  • Foreground - Assets that will be usable by the player

After the initial sketches, I translated the sketches into the block-based layouts seen below:

Greyshade Farmer’s House

In Greyshade Valley, a spiteful old farmer lives in a small rundown house made of damaged and splintering wood with his always wondering granddaughter. With a knack for pickling, the old farmer lives a life, eager to remain unbothered and safe with his granddaughter. The house consists of two floors, the main floor and basement. Players can explore the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen of the main floor, and sneak into the basement in search of extra goodies.

Talent Town Inn- Main floor, Second Floor, and Speakeasy

The Talent Town Inn is the main hub of Talent Town, known for its great eats and yummy treats. Characters of all shapes and sizes spend time at the Inn, either mingling in the lounge, having a wine and dine with fine food in the restaurant, or having some much-needed rest and relaxation in the upstairs rooms. Consisting of three floors, there’s something for all Talent Town and Vaudeville toons to enjoy at the Talent Town Inn!

The main floor is home to the cozy lounge and elegant restaurant for visitors of the Inn. Guests can snack on a wide range of food and enjoy some quality social time. The kitchen, bathroom, and main check-in desk are all found on the main floor as well.

Guests who may have traveled from far and wide can take a break from their troubles in the second-floor bedrooms. Consisting of a coat check and six bedrooms, guests can unwind in rooms adorned with all necessities. For guests of a higher status, and a few surprises might be in store...

Rumors travel fast in Talent Town, and some guests may find their way into the secret speakeasy of the Talent Town Inn if they keep their eyes and ears open. In the speakeasy, guests can find a fully stocked bar, lounge seating, and a large stage for performances. Better be careful though! The Innkeeper is committed to hiding the speakeasy by any means necessary…

Large Town House - Main Floor, Second Floor

Socialite characters in Talent Town possess some of the larger than life homes in the area. The large townhouse is home to an affluent family, with two floors full of sophisticated furniture and amenities.

Small Townhouse - Main Floor

This small townhouse is the cozy home of a Talent Town citizen. Its sleek design explores the ever-changing style of interior design and is a prominent level in the overworld

Dock Hobo Camp

Hidden in a secret corner of Smokestack’s Barge is a bustling Hobo Camp. Captain Smokestack, aware of the growing hobo community, could not bring himself to kick them off of his barge. The small community is spread out in tents and old shipping containers, using burning trash to keep fires lit. The inhabitants of the camp have been cast out of Talent Town society, yet they remain the best source for the town gossip.

By the time these level layouts are translated into the game, they will exude the sleek, black and white rubber hose style that makes Monochrome RPG unique. These few levels are only a small portion of Monochrome RPG’s full development, so make sure to follow the Monochrome RPG and Workshop’s Patreon to stay in the loop with new and exciting updates!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post