So I wanted to let y'all know about the first update to my Patreon: I'm going to start writing a monthly advice column. If you read Advice for the Anxious, it'll be like that. (And yes, you can send in questions.)

The advice column will be at the $10+ monthly pledge level, which means a lot of you will automatically be included in this reward. 

I'm also thinking about the ebook idea, since I got some positive feedback on that one too. There's a big question I'll have to figure out: specifically, does making an ebook count as "self-publishing?" I have a long-game goal for this story, after the drafts and revisions, and I don't want to remove that possibility by self-publishing it now. 

Anyway. Patreon also suggested I share pictures of myself writing, so HERE IS A PICTURE OF ME WRITING. 

(It's not an actual picture of me writing. It's hard to take a selfie and type with both hands.)