Playground Pile-Up! (Mini Drawn w/ Kindergarteners)
Here's a mini-comic I drew with some of my kindergarten students in that last week of school residencies, back in March... Oh dear, this makes me miss my in-person school visits with all those bright young students!  I'm sharing this post as "PUBLIC" so students & families can access & read this 2nd draft of our work. ~ M ~    

I wanted to demo how to create a 1-sheet mini-comic (a la Woogums) for my Kindergarten classes at a local elementary school.  
So during our first class meetings, I set up this 8p booklet & took suggestions for an improvised playground story.

The students suggested we draw a dog playing on a playground ...
Then they wanted another animal to come on the scene:

We decided they'd play together (in an unexpected way)...
Then a third animal (surprise!) arrives:  

What will happen when Elephant joins the game?
Clearly we've discovered something about the structural integrity of our playground equipment.  

Now, originally we went on to suggest more "Elephant's Too Big" mishaps on the final page: 

But that ending just didn't sit right with me.
It felt like we were just using Elephant's size difference as an easy chaos-comedy punchline.  
So this morning I dug out this mini from my desk & re-drew that final page to be a bit more inclusive & positive --
Hey, if Elephant's so BIG, why don't we collaborate on a new game?:  

This is par for the course in these improvised minis -- We set down marks, step back, consider, discuss, get feedback, & ultimately revise our stories to better fit our characters & readers.   


I'm posting printable files (single-sided) for patrons & students to print & fold @ home...  

  • GIFs = herebelow
  • PDFs = at the bottom of this post.

"FOLD A PRINTED 1-SHEET MINI" directions = HERE >> 

If you can print 11"x17"...
Here's the full-size GIF:   

If you're printing 8.5"x11" --  
Here's the X2 version: 

That's two tiny booklets (perfect size for cats to read)...
You can print 'em out & clip the page in half to fold, like so: 

Good luck!  
(& please let me know if you encounter any printing / folding issues...)  

~ M ~

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