365 Challenge : 018
She wraps the tape around 

her waist,

and she smiles when she sees

the overlap. 

They will cinch in her costume again,


they will speak lovingly

of her 




She fingers the bones,

delicate and sharp,

that arch across her


she sips cold water,

chews shards of ice,

and ignores the needles of


from her 




Tomorrow she will wake,

and her head will spin

when she stands,

and all day long,

white, glittering ghosts

will hide in her peripheral. 

She will drink black coffee,

bitter on her tongue,

and she will hang the ribbons of her pointe shoes

around her




She will remember that first instructor,

who told her what shape 

ballerinas could be,

who accepted nothing less than 


who left no doubt in her mind 

that her worth was wrapped up 

in the numbers on that length of




And they will watch her pirouette across the stage,

as delicate as a bird, 

brittle and breakable,

and they will know

her hunger,

and they will not speak of it. 

They will bring her roses, 

and she will press the petals to her




And she will smile.