365 Days of Song update from Zack
To my Patrons, friends and fans,  

You may have noticed a gap in the upload of the 365 Days of Song videos lately.  The reason for this, unfortunately, is that while on a tour of the West coast, my computer's  hard drive failed permanently. Over the course of a week, my computer (Simone) began to slow down until she finally bit the dust. 

This was a huge disappointment for me for a couple different reasons. First, I was not able to continue to edit and upload the songs of the day. Second, an entire week's worth of videos were lost. Some of these videos contained moments I will never forget. Examples of videos that are gone forever include: sunset performances with long time friend and guitarist David Irelan of California Stars (Wilco) and Boys of Summer (Don Henly) from rooftops on Venice Beach and in Hollywood, ukulele songs with old friends and a performance of Mercy Street (Peter Garbiel) with songwriter Marie Schumacher and members of PDXVox in Portland. Last but not least a magical video of my song On and On, which takes place on a train car, live from a train car traveling up the California coast with the moon shining outside of the window... is now just a memory.

Many of you saw these performances live via the Periscope app. However, Periscope's videos only remain live for 24 hours. So, the replay of the West coast tour of 365 Days of Song, is lost forever. With this in mind, I encourage everyone to download the Periscope app and check out the live performances when you can. I do my best to use a 2nd camera and upload the vids to Youtube but, Periscope is still the best and only guaranteed way to not miss the song of the day. Nevertheless, I learned my lesson and now have a 1TB travel sized external hard drive.

The project is currently on day 177 and moving full steam ahead. Thank you all for your support! You Rock - Zack 

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