Karryn's Prison April Alpha Build: v.5 "The Urinal Of Fort Ganon"

Hello everyone!! 

In this post you can download the latest version of Karryn's Prison April Alpha Build, please make sure that you are always playing with the  latest version!  

The latest version for the April Alpha Build is v.5q.2a

Do not overwrite the old files from v4 with the new files from v5. Move your save folder from your previous version to v5. Please read the Read Me text file for instructions on how to transfer saves. 

English version (copy and paste the URL below to your browser)


Japanese version (copy and paste the URL below to your browser) 



v5 Changelog:

  • Level 2 Defeat, Receptionist Side Job, Guard Defeat implemented
  • New sex position with the guards at high guard aggression
  • Hundreds of new facial expressions combinations
  • Thousands and thousands of new battle dialogue (As of v.5a, guard, rogue and nerd dialogues are not translated into English yet and will show up as only quotation marks ingame)
  • Completely new system to support new facial and dialogue variations
  • New cut-ins
  • Lots of new Settings. Please take a look at the ingame Settings and read over all the new options especially if you're confident in your PC's ability to run the game
  • A few new obtainable titles, edicts, and passives
  • Rebalanced effects of dexterity, endurance, agility and mind
  • Probably changed the effects of quite a few passives, accessories and titles
  • Changed sound effects
  • Mechanic gameplay changes here and there, too numerous to remember, and some of them are secrets


  •  Fixed a bug with footjobs


  • Fixed a bug with receptionist side job if you ended the battle with paperwork still incomplete
  • Fixed a CG error when Karryn runs out of stamina
  • Fixed a bug at the end of the Level 2 boss fight
  • Fixed a CG issue during the waitress side job
  • Fixed an error caused by using the Restore Mind willpower skill
  • Tinkered with some receptionist side job stuff


  • Fixed a bug related to obtaining a Flaunt passive
  • Fixed a CG bug with the titty fuck CG
  • Restore Mind now displays a message to tell you how effective it was
  • Fixed the 5th accessory slot not granting all of its bonus
  • Tinkered with the guards defeat CG
  • Tinkered with some stuff here and there
  • Minor text corrections


  • Tinkered with the Restore Mind skill
  • Added minor stuff to the receptionist side job
  • Minor text corrections


  • Reverted a v.5 optimization change because people with high FPS monitors were reporting significantly worst performance in v.5 compared to v.4
  • Changed how energy regen works
  • Changed Restore Mind to immediately switch into Action Phase
  • Minor text corrections


  • The game should no longer freezes after using Restore Mind while Karryn has no stamina
  • Fixed black screen from sleeping with low Order but still above zero Order
  • You should now be able to work at the bar after working at the visitor center
  • Fixed receptionist related passives not being obtained
  • Fixed waitress related passives being mixed up with receptionist related passives
  • Fixed certain enemy behaviors during the receptionist side job
  • Slimes should no longer ejaculate multiple times in a row during Lvl2 Defeat
  • Minor CG and text corrections


  • Added a new short post scene for the first time that Karryn has been defeated to explain the new defiled halberd mechanic
  • Added 2 more titles
  • Enemies with rare prefix variants will now in addition to having a different colored name, be palette swapped so it's more obvious that these enemies are a bigger threat (red, orange, purple, etc)
  • Fixed certain enemy behaviors during the receptionist side job 
  • Fixed your mouse not being usable after a very specific pattern of masturbating in the office, getting invaded, and then losing during that invasion battle.
  • Fixed a bug with goblin creampies in the Japanese version
  • Minor text corrections


  • Fixed Skewer and Slam disappearing after buying certain Edicts
  • Attempted to fix some bugs that rarely appears during the receptionist side job


  • Tweaked with some settings, hopefully the performance is now better for people who are reporting decreased performance after upgrading from v4 to v5
  • Made some balancing with Karryn's Resists
  • Minor adjustment and bug fixes to the receptionist side job
  • Karryn will either have to deal with goblins or guards after losing all stamina and energy during the receptionist side job
  • Minor CG and text corrections


  • Fixes a bug where Karryn will get stuck behind the reception desk if she previously lost during the receptionist side job before.
  • Minor tweaks and text corrections


  • Another attempt at fixing performance issues/CTDs that people are reporting with v.5k and v.5j......


  • Karryn will now need to be a bit undressed for enemies to be able to use any sex skill that involves their penis on her
  • The Kick Out skill during the waitress side job will no longer auto select a target for you to avoid confusion
  • Minor balance tweaks, bug fixes, and text corrections


  • Added the Overblow Protection mechanic. Please read the May 11th 2020 Progress Report for more details
  • Enemies will now receive a stacking evasion debuff if Karryn completely misses her attack and this debuff resets when Karryn finally lands a hit. This is a pity mechanic, not an actual replacement to finding solutions for improving your accuracy against hard to hit enemies
  • Overblow Protection, Fatigue, Fatigue Gain and Fatigue Recovery stats are now displayed in the Status menu
  • Fixed a bug with Footjob and Rimjob skill usage not being recorded properly
  • Minor receptionist tweak
  • Fixed certain CG issues when enemies join
  • Attempted to fix a bug related to Karryn having no stamina when a new wave of enemies appear
  • Minor text corrections


  • Fixed the End Shift skill in the receptionist side job not usable sometimes when it should be
  • Fixed a behind the scenes receptionist bug that no one knew about
  • Fixed the Speak No Evil willpower skill not working properly
  • All necklace accessories are reworked. Some of the unique effects from the old necklaces will return in the future as Edicts. The Diamond Necklace will have no effect for now.
  • Fixed a bug where enemies ejaculate before doing their talk/sight/petting action if their pleasure were high enough from Karryn's charm
  • Karryn's face now no longer sometimes vanish when she has very, very low stamina
  • Added a save function in the New Game Plus room for you to make a save in a different save slot
  • Hopefully fixed the CG display lag between enemies' dicks appearing in front of Karryn and Karryn moving her hand/mouth/tits to them.
  • Other minor fixes and changes here and there
  • Minor text corrections


  • Fixed a problem caused by the receptionist bug fix in v.5p
  • Yasu is now properly wearing his hat again during the prologue
  • Hopefully fixed a rare bug where the amount that enemies are ejaculating wasn't getting displayed
  • Minor text corrections


  • Fixed a bug in v.5q that some people were experiencing
  • Fixed a font loading issue for some people that was causing long loading time and the wrong font being displayed in the English version
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