Elf Ranger - Nimbal Grosponte - the mage-knight (level 9)

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Nimbal Grosponte - the mage-knight 

I will not fictionalize the published adventures as though Nimbal ran through those, but I am imagining there have been some adventures to shape the progress at this new build.

I focused Nimbal on martial power. I think it shows. This was a great build, and not terribly difficult to envision ahead of actually doing it. Nimbal becomes a knight-regent in his available skill set and level benefits. 

Nimbal gains mastery of Arcanist, opens Commander, Healer, Alchemist, and Rider, and improves Fighter. It builds a side-hustle role as the team medic and unit commander, but both roles will serve the overall combat effectiveness. I raised Nature in order to lower it later.

Becoming a master with a sword, gaining a follower and steed, having Shrug It Off, and using Grief, Nimbal is a powerhouse of elven archetypic authority. I sugar-coated his growth by increasing Heart of Battle and Defender Traits by reducing Nature. 

He gains no additional spells. There was nothing more needed to fill his concept as a mage-knight. I only wish I could pick up more spell slots. 

I used the Torchbearer 1st edition to fit my concept for this build and Thor's suggested rules for creating higher-level starting characters found at the Torchbearer blog (Begin by Being). At a later time, I'll review this build with the Torchbearer 2nd edition rules.

This is the dry description of the process: 

  • Spending 69 (23 already spent building level 4) advancement tests (pass or fail) gives 16x Arcanist 2x raised, 11x Healer opened and 2x raised, 11x Commander opened and 2x raised, 7x Fighter 1x raised, 6x Rider opened and 1x raised, 6x Alchemist opened and 1x raised, 12x Nature raised.
  • Selecting level benefits gives Master [sword], Follower, Elven Steed, Shrug It Off, Grief.
  • Reducing Nature by 2 gives Trait Heart of Battle raised and Trait Defender raised.

Level: 9

Stock: Elf

Class: Ranger

Descriptors: Singing, Remembering, Hiding

Abilities: Nature 3, Will 4, Health 5, Circles 3, Resources 0

Skills: Alchemist 3, Arcanist 6, Commander 4, Fighter 5, Healer 4, Lore Master 3, Persuader 3, Rider 3,  Scholar 3, Scout 3, Survivalist 3

Wises: Elven Lore-wise, Dwarven Architecture-wise

Traits: First Born 1, Defender 2, Hearth of Battle 2, Honorable 1

Level Benefits: Fearless, Master [Sword], Follower, Elven Steed, Shrug It Off, Grief

Weapon: Sword

Armor: Leather

Hometown: Religious Bastion (gains Scholar, Defender)

Social Graces: Persuader

Specialty: Persuader (or Survivalist depending on choices of others in a group)

Nature Responses: Sing the ancient songs, Confronts evil, Yearns for the west

Circles Responses: Has a friend from the shrine maidens (Human Cleric), Has bardic parents (elven poets and orators, Scholar), Has a mentor (Elf Ranger), Has no enemy

Inventory:  Sword, Leather Armor, Fine Cloak, Satchel, Traveling Spell Book, Rations, Belt Pouch, Iron Spikes, Waterskin, Shoes

Spells: Destiny of Heroes, Wizard's Aegis, Aetherial Swarm

Belief: My ancestors watch my deeds with interest; I will bring honor to our noble family.

Instinct: Offer defense against dark forces for my companions.

I enjoy the clarity of Nimbal's build; I think it is easy to see he is built to be a martial artist with magical contributions. He is nearly a perfect image of a paladin to my reckoning. He is now ready to gain a throne and rule a domain. 

I think it would be a fascinating tragedy for Nimbal to go on becoming more insular as a ruler over elves and dwarves, and in time become a legend for other adventurers to campaign against. He could become the king of wood and stone, living in a remote fastness with his elven city among the woodlands giving a palatial defensive barrier outside a vaulted dwarven fortress within the foothills of continental ridgelines. Nimbal and other former heroes of one age have become the villains of another age while new, tender children are anointed by fate to be heroes. I can envision it. It is epic. 

 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.   

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