Depixel Bedrock Closed Beta 0.15.05


This month will be the last for Depixel Bedrock updates on this Patreon page for now. If you're my patron, you will still get Bedrock updates until the end of this month on my Patreon page. For further updates for Bedrock follow our Bedrock Lead's VolyFNAP Patreon page. This post will further remain as a redirect to their page.

Last update:  May 6, 2021 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.16.2.


  • Brick variations (experimental 60 textures);
  • Crimson Trapdoor Texture;
  • Copper Block (for 1.17);
  • Second variation of Diamond Ore;
  • Top Texture of Grass Block in cold biomes (experimental);
  • Warped Trapdoor Texture;
  • Wood Gates;
  • Ancient Debris;
  • Blackstone (block, double_slab, slab_stairs, wall);
  • Bricks (block, double slab, slab, stairs, wall);
  • Cut Sandstone (double slab, slab);
  • Cut Red Sandstone (double slab, slab);
  • Gilded Blackstone;
  • Glowstone;
  • Hardened Clay (all colors);
  • Infested Stones;
  • Ores (except iron ore, 1.17 style);
  • Pressure Plates;
  • Prismarine Bricks (block, double_slab, slab, stairs);
  • Red Nether Bricks (block, double slab, slab, stairs, wall);
  • Red Sandstone Bottom (double slab, slab, stairs);
  • Stone button;
  • Web;
  • Wood Fences.


  • Sheep;
  • Blaze.


  • Animation Button (hud);
  • Chat Button (hud);
  • Pause Button (hud).


  • Amethyst Shard (for 1.17);
  • Netherite Armor;
  • Bow in hand.
  • Crossbow in hand.

During the process of porting Depixel to Bedrock process we've been overcoming a lot of challenges and confusion due to significant differences and nuances of Bedrock and Java systems, and had to empirically learn a lot of things that are different from how Java Edition resource packs work. This process is far from over, because Bedrock Edition keeps updating and introducing new unexpected silent changes that break things and we continuously have to adapt to with barely any knowledge if any at all.

Download (0.15.05 for Minecraft 1.16.2)

Further updates on our Bedrock Lead's VolyFNAP Patreon page.


Why is Depixel Bedrock paid? In our days of porting resource packs to Bedrock, we faced causes of illegal copying and redistributing of our packs to other online resources. These people were taking our work as a base to "branch out" presenting it as they ported it personally. Sometimes they did credit us, turning the responsibility of their edits to us. These packs could contain low effort buggy edits to malicious software. Through Patreon, we want to present to you the most thought-out, high-quality resource pack with attention to small nuances and personal edits that represent our characters. It would suck to have this publicly ripped apart and stuffed with unwanted content and redistributed to have people come to me asking why this pack is so buggy and has viruses.
For one time payment, you support our further development and receive a high-quality product that you could use on a bunch of different platforms (Android, iOS, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch...), on mostly which you can not install external resource packs without complicated access to file systems and breaking terms of services of the respective platforms.

Why I need to pay when I can use 3rd party converters and get it for free? There's no single perfect converter tool. Most of them leave out chunks of content due to technical difficulties, inattentive approach, and overall lack of time that went into researching every single difference and nuance between Java and Bedrock editions. You also may never know what those converters inject into your resource packs. You may use converted resource packs as much as you want exclusively for personal use, but as we mentioned in the above question, we are not responsible for any converted resource packs and do not provide help with any issues that may arise in them. If you want to get the most updated, safest, and highest quality resource pack with support for add-ons, and participate in giving feedback and improving Depixel Bedrock, get either Depixel Bedrock or Depixel Bedrock Lite, and report any issues you may find in them and feedback on how we can improve it.

What's the difference between Depixel Bedrock and Depixel Bedrock Lite? Depixel Bedrock Lite includes only blocks, items, and particles, while Depixel Bedrock also includes all mobs and user interface.

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