Handmade Coasters + Store Opening

Hello hello, it's been a while! 

I hope everyone has been taking time to maintain their mental and physical health. I've been trying to keep myself well informed, and well.. I'm not gonna lie, it's definitely a hard thing to consume, about the actual virus and its impact on the human body and also its widespread impacts on the world around it. Please stay safe everyone and also take care of yourselves!

Not to start on such a negative note, but this post is just a quick one, mostly with pictures, to show what's currently available in my store -- I'll be writing a post later this week to explain my thoughts and (possibly?) processes!


Handmade Coasters

These are something that I've hoarded for the past while with the intention to use them and honestly, it wasn't until things started to close in the outside world that I gave myself the permission to stay in and draw to my hearts content.

Some of them are drawn on illustration boards that I got from a friend a while back (they're hand cut), and these are acrylic boards that I got a while ago.. after a month of drawing and also compiling everything -- I've gotten through this marathon of drawings..! Those drawn on boards were done using markers, while those in the acrylic casings were done with watercolours that allowed me test out all the handmade watercolours I made in the recent while.

Illustration Board Coasters + POSCA

A bit of a repost from my past POSCA post, but here's a short resist:

To make the illustration boards into coasters that can be usable, I used a cold clear laminate on top of the thicker, and put a coating on the back to prevent slippage.

For the circular coasters made of illustration board, the coating on the back is a a faux fur trim at the bottom that was handcut, but helps clean up the handcut circle shape and the other side of the illustration board.

I also had four coasters that were of a square shape with rounded corners. These were drawn on a kraft board so the colours are slightly more muted, but the opaque POSCA markers still show through.

These are also lined with a clear cold laminate on the drawing side, and the boards were doubled up to make them more substantial. The bottom has side has carbon-fibre esque vinyl to clean up the look, and also prevent slippage.

Since I finished these earlier in the past months, when stickerapp reached out and asked if I'd like to make some stickers in collaboration with them, I jumped at the opportunity. 

The company is based in Sweden and also does a lot of different textured papers and effects. 

The rounded square stickers are made of a matte uncoated kraft sticker paper, sized ~3" x 3":

The circle stickers, also ~3" in diameter, are of different materials as well! The fish print is using a Holographic PP / Satin matte material, while the stars sticker has a Mirror thick liner laser / Soft touch material!

I decided to sell these on my store together with the sticker bundle (discussed later) and all originals sold will be given a bonus sticker as thanks for the support!

Acrylic Board Pressed Coasters

I actually bought these boards a long long time ago with an intent to do something different with them, and they've been weighing so heavily on my mind that past while because I couldn't afford any time to dedicate to seeing the project to fruition. 

Drawing these small 9cm x 9cm drawings let me re-explore my favouritism towards square canvas sizes and the chance to try out some of the watercolours I've made recently. I love the clear frame that the acylic boards have around these drawings because it makes it look so sleek and also like a bit of an emboss. 

This was a really fun project! 

There's not much to say about these, but please enjoy this small compilation! All boards are drawn front and back.

Seeing them altogether is so satisfying! 

I've decided to let these go and sell the originals as well. 

If you'd like to support me and also pick up one of these to accompany all the many drinks you've had while at home/work, you can pick them up from my store under Originals! 


Store opening (Now)

This is the best segway haha- but yes, my store is now open! I decided I would make posts on social media platforms instead to give patreons a bit of extra time to nab their preferred originals before I release to the general public.

I originally intended to open my store last weekend but after some thought, I decided to push back by one week so I had a bit more time to experiment and also compile all the things I had intended to do. It's the first time I've done this and.. to be honest, I'm really happy I did so. It gave me time to really flush out my ideas and experiment, which I think the results are something to be happy about.

Its no surprise that I've been trying out paint making recently (for those who follow on my different social media platforms), and also something new - playing with my recently acquired die-cutter (Silhouette Cameo 4)! More about this in detail will be in a post I'm planning on making shortly, but for now here are some details about what's up in my store.

For those who prefer just browsing on their own without all the wordy descriptions I usually put on my patreon, feel free to skip ahead:


Handmade Watercolours: Set 1 - Spring + Watercolour Paper

It's my first time making watercolours, and honestly I'm a bit nervous about selling them. I've learned a lot about this process and it's been an enjoyable one -- I hope those that pick them up also enjoy them and give me feedback as well!

This set has four colours and are handmade using a binder solution, pigment, and a muller. The colours and their respective pigments are as follows:

  • Bright Pink: synthetic pigment
  • Peanut Butter: Y42 + R101
  • Deep Green: G7 + PB27
  • Sky Blue: B15

Each colour is filled into a half pan and refilled 2-3 times with a waiting period in-between to ensure that the pan is filled to the top. The colours are really fun to use together!

Taking the extra week before opening my store let me put together and compile some pretty cute packaging for them.. they look like candy!

I also have some watercolour paper up on my store for those who wanted to get them together as a one-stop shop - it's 300 gsm (140lb) cold press, and are cut to either 6" x 6" or 5" x 7" ! They're available of packs of 15 sheets, as an add-on with the full set or individually!

Washi Stickers - Flakes + Sheets

These.. were a pain in the ass. For me and my local printer. The washi sticker paper was specially ordered and quite expensive, but this was something I really wanted to try so I decided to grind through and thankfully.. something came to fruition.

Each sticker is sized between ~1" x 1", quite small and perfect for journalling, with 15 different sticker designs - the coasters that are posted above.

I decided to offer up these items as a bundle and also as randomized flake die-cut stickers, for the many iterations I've had to gone through with this paper to get them to work to my liking (oof). 

Sticker bundle with 2 sheets + all the stickerapp stickers!

These ones are susceptible to mis-cuts and offsets that are not centered for the sticker, however still have the same print. Not perfect, but still good, they're offered up at a discount! 

And similar to my previous listings, I still have sketchbooks, pins and postcards up on my store. I decided to offer my postcards up as Choose Your Own because I had reprinted for this current season of cons, but the closures have left me with a lot of stock:

If you'd like to pick up any of these items, and/or browse through the listings, all of these items are up on my store:


This post was a long one with a lot of photos -- thank you so much for the support and for reading!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post