[full_inu] Black Witch Set

Update 24.09.2020:
Collision optimizations, UNP hands fix.
30.06.2020: Public release.

Black Witch Set is an attire in Dark Souls II, also available in DARK SOULS III DLC2.
By legend, an evil Zullie the Witch tried to seduce and kill brave knight, but instead she loved him and spend rest of her life, helping him in their adventures...

By default set comes with sexy miniskirt and high heels A. High heels B is a variant used in Dark Souls 2, and trousers is a male counterpart which I also ported (of course, female only).

* FROM SOFTWARE - models, textures
* full_inu - meshes porting, texture edit, HDT
* Starkhark - artwork (1), full_inu (2-5)

- for Skyrim Legendary Edition: SKSE, XPMSE, HDT-SMP, Racemenu, UNP body and textures
- for Skyrim SE:  SKSE, XPMSSE, HDT-SMP, Racemenu SE, UNP body and textures

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