Welcome to the Noise

Hello, dear friends!

I am doing something new. I thought you ought to know. [update: here it is!]

(Load images on this post, trust me. They're by Annie Bartholomew!)

I've been a little bit quiet on the internet lately. It's hard to know what to say just now, you know? Hard to know how to strike the right tone, how to be a good neighbor, how to make art in public without the weird snarl of commerce tangling my feet. So I've been a little hesitant to add to your inbox.



I'm happy to tell you that I haven't been quiet at home.


Not at all.

In January I went into the studio with a badass underrehearsed overqualified little garage band that we'll call the Guttersnipes.

We recorded the very noisy punk pop songs I've been whispering about for like a year. I lost my voice doing it. It was a blast.

And against all odds -- despite depression, despite the news, despite all my music festival & con appearances evaporating, despite quarantine -- I scraped together enough Good Brain Days to forge ahead and finish it. I FINISHED IT. It's all edited now, and it's off being mixed.

I finished a record in just over four months, y'all!

For me that's a new...record. (snort) (definitely getting quarantine loopy)

I couldn't have done this without you, Donors' Circle, Patreon. The steadiness of your little $1-50 per month is my primary income right now. Thank you.

I can't wait for you to hear it. We had a good time making it.

It's loud.

OK maybe it's garage rock but I still conduct like that. Can't help it, it's my factory setting.

So this project is an EP. It has five songs.

It is rawther loud.

It is called SWEARS.

The first line of the first song is "It's very fucking hard to see the goddamned point today" and we proceed apace from there. And that may seem dark, but let me tell ya, the song is called "Blanket Forts" and it is a bop that will make you feel good.

(There will be a radio-friendly / kid-friendly version of this record, called CUSS. Because I understand if you'd rather play "It's very flipping hard to see the gosh-darned point today" in certain company or in front of the FCC.)

And because it's punk pop angry chick 90's-ass garage rock, it's just under twelve minutes long. 

I am very proud of this. It is my lifelong quest to write the kind of verse, chorus, verse, chorus, DONE songs that compel you to hit Play again immediately.

I'm super proud of my crew:  Seth Boyer on guitar, Kelly Henriksen on drums, Justin Smith at the helm engineering/mixing/adding guitars -- plus our Mysterious Superspy Bassist Who Needs A Good Rock Star Stage Name (submissions invited). The infamous George Kuhar of Juneau Playboy Spaceman fame joins us on one song for some epic arrangements and soloing (and the thing is, you need to hear his new album, you really do). Thanks to KTOO for letting us record at the station (and everybody support your local public media affiliate).

This album will be free to you, Patreon backers and Donors' Circle members, but it will also be free to the world at large. I'll be starting pre-sales soon on Bandcamp, but they'll be pay-as-you-can, and you don't have to order it to hear it. I know not everyone has funds right now. Everyone deserves bops regardless.

Thank you for your support, thank you for your patience, and thank you for the TIME you have given me to make art like this.

I can't wait for you to hear all this noise and sing along at the top of your lungs, wherever you are. <3

All my best,


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts