Bromeliad's Keeper - Chapter One

Finally, it's here!

Chapter One of our new storyline Bromeliad's Keeper which has been in development since 2017.

The first 3 chapters are going to launch publicly this summer on, but we wanted to start releasing them early on our Patreon.

This site is basically meant to be like Disney+ except it's going to be Goofy Froot++.

This chapter is going to be up for free, but to get early access to Chapters 2 and 3 you'll have to sign up as a subscriber for at least $1 a month.
AKA The Pineapple Patron level.

(Everything on will be 100% free when it's released mid-July)

Thank you!

Creating ain't easy, but nothing is these days so we appreciate your willingness to support us to any degree financially or otherwise.

Our primary reason for creating Goofy Froot and comics period is because we love these stories and characters and want them to exist in the world.

If you can help us out with a dollar a month or more it goes a long way to keeping us fed physically and emotionally during the production phase of the process and will keep the comics coming out at a steady pace.

This is just the start of a huge storyline involving Poised Pineapple and a lot of new Goofy Froot characters we hope you'll grow to love as much as the current cast.