ClothingUnlocker v2.0

Version 2.0 adds the ability to unlock clothing that is blocked by other clothing types. Unlocks bras with all tops, bottoms with all tops, underwear with all bras. For example, the Bunny Suit (pictured) does not normally bottoms to be worn with it. Enable it in the "Settings" button on the clothing tab. This setting is saved per-character, per-outfit, and saves and loads with the character card and coordinate card.

ClothingUnlocker also unlocks gender restricted clothing, allowing males to wear female clothes and vice versa. This can be disabled in the plugin settings.

Marco for helping out with code

Illusion Modding API
BepInEx 5.0.1

Extract the .zip to your game install

KK version for Koikatsu, EC version for EmotionCreators