Something special I'm creating :)

Dear Patrons, 

I just wanted to say, it's so good to be able to share this creative process with you - as I'm creating a special gift for my son's graduation!

I had a really productive week, which took away a lot of pressure and stress. One evening after work (and after a delicious dinner I made), I felt especially fulfilled and calm... So I stayed up a bit late and let the Inspiration come to me. 

Every time this happens, I end up in tears... moved by something I can only describe as 'divine creativity...'  It's like I'm watching a movie, not actually making something... the ideas come easy, the words flow out, the memories pop up from nowhere - I don't resist or control, just listen... and put what comes to me on paper (and into my computer).

I really enjoy being in this amazing flow of love and surrender... 

Ok, I hope you will watch the video. Can't wait to share the final product with you :) 

Have a great Sunday


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