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Merinos, you know quality and you're big producers.  Thank you for your generous support.  Your contribution lets us put in the time to give everyone the very best show we can create. 

As valued Merinos, you get access to the Fruity Knitting Live audio podcast, audio recordings of the monthly events that we hold with our Shetland Patrons. This includes additional material from guests like Joji Locatelli, Andrea Mowry, Caitlin Hunter, Isabell Kraemer and Woolly Wormhead. We currently have 33 episodes of the audio podcast available for you to listen to. You can also submit questions for our guests, and you can then listen to their answer in the audio podcast afterwards. 

You also get access to the discounts our guests offer, and the collection of Tutorial videos. 

  • Support production of the show
  • Fruity Knitting Patron Community
  • Early access to Tutorials
  • Bonus Fruity Knitting Live Audio Podcast
  • Discounts from third-party providers
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