TGOCP Ep 1: Our First Session

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The cast talk about their first roleplaying sessions (and share a lengthy tangent on their college days.)

Primary Materials (Downloadable Version) 

Zachary Baker Quotes

Last Thoughts (Ari's Harry Potter Fanfiction)

That dark November morning, inside that cold and cruel prison cell, Zachary Baker woke up for the last time. He remained motionless, eyes firmly closed, his breathing slow and steady. He was fully aware of every sound around him, more than any other day in his existence. The furious thumping of his heart stood clearly amongst the other sea of noises... . He had never stop to think of how many times his heart had made that suddenly angelic sound... and how soon it would be forced to stop. How many did he have left? If he could just stay forever like this, and count them.... every one of them.....

Thump... One.

Thump.... Two

Thump.... Three.....

 He was fully aware of what was going to happen that day. Of what he was going to lose…of the people he would leave behind.  Every breath of air suddenly seemed like a merciful gift, every feeling a unique sensation. When was the last time he actually marveled at the blue sky? When he stopped to see shapes in the clouds? When he danced with his wife, laughed with his kids... truly enjoyed life? He couldn't remember. A lonely tear fell down his face, startling him.

Thump.... Twenty

Thump... Twenty-one

Thump... Twenty-two

Most of his life had been filled with worries, material thoughts, selfish dreams. He wanted to accomplish more, when he didn't realize he already had it all. He had a perfect family, perfect children... even amazing friends. He had been happy once. But it had all been lost. It had all slowly been destroyed, little by little, mostly by him. And now, alone in this cell, he couldn’t even imagine what made him do those decisions.

Thump…. Thump……. Thump…….

His inherent desire to protect innocent people, to fight for justice, to look for that perfect world that he now realized was impossible to achieve…. That is what leaded him to this. That desire was what ironically catalogued him as an hostile murderer, even though he had never killed- never been able to kill- anyone in his life… not even the person he hated the most....not even when he had the chance...

Didn’t he always know; deep inside, that this moment would eventually happen? Since the time he decided to become an auror, he knew what he was risking. But he still desired to protect others, something he had also failed at. What would his death achieve? Nothing would change. Everything would remain the same. But he could proudly say that he was dying for his beliefs, never changing what he thought. He wouldn’t die as a coward. A small smile curved his lips.

Thump... Thump... Thump.....

How would it feel like, he wondered? Would it be just like sleeping, as some had said? Or would there be something else to it? A sense of curiosity invaded him, wishing more than ever to see it for himself, to know how that hidden paradise really looked like….

Wishing to, finally, get to see Maggie again.


The beating of his heart now sounded like a distant memory, no longer a palpable reality. 

“I’m ready to die” said Zach confidently. He slowly opened his eyes to a world that, he felt, no longer belonged to him, and that in a couple of hours, would simply cease to exist.

Quotes from The Blackwater Gospel

The god’s tongue: 

“There was no beginning.  Just as there will be no end.”

“For it was not those who harnessed the darkness that could control it, but those that became that darkness itself.”

“And there was a great dispute between light and dark.  ‘I create life,” light reminded dark, ‘while you only create death.’  ‘That is true,’ dark responded, ‘but the life that remains lives as it was intended to.’”

“The crow has had many meanings over time… …but beware that which is covered in darkness and sees with blood, for her master is soon to follow.”

“The darkness shall take form from the shadows, using their strength to consume the sun.”

“And while they try to hide it in the light, the shadows and truth of all beings will always surround them.”

“The greatest lie of the light was that it told the truth at all, but under the sun beings felt watched and hid away their greatest truths/nature and desires, and it was only in the darkest of blacknesses that truth could really be seen.”

“And out of the darkness would emerge a being of light able to fuse the two worlds and consume the impurities of them both.”

“He would rise, consuming humanity whole and shaping it into its true intended form.”

“...until the blood of the prophet leads the Undertaker on her mission.”

“In the light they danced in blood and praised their chains, and only the dark could bring true freedom and repay the blood in kind.” 

Explanations: Rules from Kyle and Ari's Multi-dimensional Roleplaying World

You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you?


But now the universe is fraying and splitting itself into multiple possibilities and alterations, creating multiple universes with the same beginning but different outcomes.  Destinies are changing, and where in one universe you might find the best of friends, in the other you’ll find mortal enemies.

With the first dimensional split, some noticed they had an innate ability to tap into the alternative universes and use them to warp and alter their world as they saw fit.  However, the consequences of this rifting were unpredictable and could often be very severe.

Above all this lies the clockmaster, an objective observer of all the universes who informs the inhabitants in each universe of when it will next diverge and anything else they might need to know.

At least, that is the story as it lies now.  Where it goes, no one can predict.


This is a bit lengthy, but please read it.  Best to get this stuff out of the way first so we don’t have to worry about it later.


0. The clockmaster knows all, including whether or not you’ve read the rules.

1. A new character does not need to be created for each universe.  Instead a character will be identified with the number of their universe being placed before any of their quotes (e.g. for the character “John,” any post by “John” from universe 0 will be written “0. [writing]” and any post by “John” from universe 1 will be written “1. [writing].”)

2. If a character gets transferred from one universe to another, their numbering will remain the same (e.g. if John0 somehow ends up in universe 1, he will still be referred to as John0)

3. At the beginning of any thread, the universe it takes place in needs to be dictated by the words UNIVERSE [NUMBER] in all caps.

4. For the time being, new characters can only join one of the established universes.

5. To make sure you’ve read the rules, type “The Monkey’s Paw” into the “anything else” section of the application.

6. Over time, the rules of the game might change.  This will be mentioned by the clockmaster in a message to characters in-game.

7. Drastic events out of your control might occur.  Just keep in mind that any extreme event will have been the effect of some action taken by a player, and not just the clockmaster being a jerk because he feels like it.

8. Create unexpected characters.  If, for example, there are too many magic users, a new character might not be selected for that reason.  Explanations for why your character was not selected (if they aren’t) will be provided.

9. If any of these rules confuse you, please befriend and ask this account.  This isn’t the simplest premise, so any advice on how it can be made clearer would be really helpful.


0. Any style of magic can be used, but be wary of the consequences.

1. As the magic is due to the dimensional rifts, any use of magic will have consequences that range from minor to severe, with severe punishments becoming much more likely as more and more powerful magic is used – before using magic, be sure to think of the possible consequences of your actions (using magic is much like wishing on the Monkey’s Paw).

2. With the creation of each new universe, the magic will become more and more powerful – what level of magic is available will be mentioned at the start of each era.

3. If magic above one’s level is being used or someone is just generally OPing/godmodding, they will get a warning about their actions.  If this continues, the character can be stripped from all dimensions (so, essentially, booted from the game)

4. If someone uses magic, they cannot do anything else until the consequences of that magic are determined (this information will be relayed to affected characters in a message).  So, for example, if your character walks through a wall, nothing more concerning that event can be stated until the consequences of that use of magic can be determined.

5. No intentional dimension-hopping, at least not right away.  Things are complicated enough as is, so let’s get ourselves accommodated to the existing rules first, eh?

Tom's Pathfinder Character Sheet

Opening audio taken from The Backwater Gospel by Wicker.Works: https://youtu.be/vVkDrIacHJM

The Man Who Rocked the World by Miracle of Sound  (YouTube: https://youtu.be/NvfC109XyYA, Bandcamp: https://miracleofsound.bandcamp.com/track/the-man-who-rocked-the-world-2)

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