The Realm of Middle Earth

It's done! 

After four and half weeks and over 200+ hours of work, my version of the Middle Earth map is now done!

This is the same size as my Critical Role map at 7000x5000 px at 300 ppi. 

There are 2 major themes of colour & paper, and 11 overall versions of the map, including a version with the quote from the one ring itself. This is a faithful recreation of the original Middle Earth map by J. R. R. Tolkien in my own style. There are a few blank areas and things I personally would have changed if it was my own map, but honestly it probably would have made it a little messy anyway XD 

There is so much detail in this map and overall I'm super happy with how it came out! Make sure you zoom in on the images here and download them to get the full resolution! 

These versions are available for free in the downloads below.

Bear in mind that you can print, use and do whatever you like with the map as long as you adhere to my Content Use Agreements that you can find here: 

I’m still trying to work out if I want to offer printed versions of the map somehow but I’m going to leave that decision process alone for a little while. I don't like the idea of sending out postage during the current crisis anyway. 

I’m not being paid for this and I can't sell it officially so sharing and showing others will really help :) 

In the meantime, enjoy the map! Let me know what you think in the comments below or on discord and I hope everyone has a wonderful morning/afternoon/evening! :D 

EDIT: Fixed a few names and added a few more versions for the one ring border! :D 

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