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This video has been a long time coming in at least 2 ways: 

  • 1) I probably should've done an intro COMICS TOOLS video years ago.  These are just basic, useful, common tools for all kinds of intense comics making! 
  • 2) As usual with these short tutorials,  I filmed several takes -- the first one was waaay too long & chatty.  I think this one (take 3 or 4?) cuts it down to the minimum... plus maybe a few asides & comments.

I've been re-vamping pages on my website to shift from a school- & teacher-centered approach to a more online classy, students @ home approach.  It feels like a real shift from one era to another.  I've resisted online video education for so long, it's a bit of a scramble to get things up to speed with this kind of production.  (Maybe that's why these videos are taking so many drafts!  It's good practice, at least.)  

Anyhow, this video now appears on my BEFORE YOUR COMICS WORKSHOP page, and of course on my general TOOLS & MATERIALS page.  Unlike my other tutorials, I figure I'll release it publicly (listed & searchable) for general use.  
I hope it'll help families learn about my programs & approach, & plan their participation in my summertime events.  

Speaking of SUMMER 2020, things are starting to happen!  
I'll post a list of upcoming comics classes & events soon. 

Your support has been a real creative lifeline during these long months of work without my schools & students...  Stay 'tooned, lots on the way!

~ M ~    


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