Short guide on how to use the DraftHelper in Human drafts

* This guide is obsolete as Draft picks info is  now available in the game log file.

This post is to make sure that you know how to correctly use the DraftHelper during a Traditional or Premier draft.

In fact it's very simple as the only difference with a Quick Draft is the "Draft" button at the top left of the window.

Pressing this button will launch the cards detection engine and is an extra step that has to be done manually each time new cards are presented in your MTGA game window.

So the process goes like this:

1. Join a pod to start drafting with other players (Premier or Traditional)
2. Cards will appear in your game window for Pack 1 pick 1
3. Press the "Draft" button to detect the cards and make the info appear in the DraftHelper
4. Make your choice and pick your card in the game
5. New cards will appear, press the "Draft" button again, and so on...

That's it! All the configuration for identifying the cards has been done and calculated automatically for you.


Use a source providing Ikoria ratings

 Please note that you must use one of these 3 sources:

1. MTG Arena Zone
2. Deathsie
3. Infinite Mythic Edition

Use the default layout

The detection works only with the default layout for drafting (with the cards showing on the right), so it won't work with the layout showing the cards at bottom.


If you have an unconventional screen or game resolution, the detection might fail.
I tried to support as many different resolutions as possible, but if you're having troubles making the DraftHelper work for you, please contact me and I will help you get it working.

Happy drafting!