Voices of the Past Awarded "Best Use of Theme"
Hey people!

Today, at the second TasJam game jam, it was announced that Voices of the Past was selected to receive "Best Use of Theme" for its interpretation of the first TasJam event's themes of "voices" and "access" (see this post for more details on the game jam and the game itself).

Early this morning (2015-11-14), I popped up some new builds of Voices of the Past. They're relatively untested, which means they're inherently exciting!

Notable changes:

  • Added background images for interactive objects
  • Added broader range of colours for scenes and objects
  • Added unused environmental audio
  • Fixed typos in and rewrote a number of object and scene descriptions
  • Improved engine stability

Primarily this update was to implement some assets that had slipped through the cracks in the end-of-jam mad rush. Mim was also keen to do a writing pass, and I thought it might be nice to add some vague graphical background elements for the memory objects.

Since we were working through, I also added a lot more colour to the game, colouring each memory object with the background colour of the scene it provided a gateway to. This makes the hub room feel a lot more vibrant, which I'm in two minds about, but I think the value of having colour cues that carry players between "locations" was worth exploring.

We had hoped to include some updated/expanded music as well and explore the idea of having the score become more coherent as the player pieced together more of Candice's past, but unfortunately, Henry's availability has been limited and we weren't able to get something happening - perhaps this is something we'll revisit for a future update.

Some other commitments kept me from finishing parts of the resource loader abstraction I'd been working on, so this version of Voices is based on the older codebase with some minor backports.

While an award wasn't something I was directly pursuing, I am proud of Mim and Henry's work (particularly when working outside of their primary areas of experience) and the recognition they've received. All three of us are super appreciative of the time and efforts of the judges and mentors.

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