Star Traders Web Comic - Pg 1
Last week, we shared the first panel of our new Patreon project - the Star Traders Choice Web Comic. We invited our Patreons with voting rights ($2 and above) to make a choice that will play out in the comic. 

This week, we've stepped the story back a page to help better set the scene. Now properly ready, the next page will include the original panel, the results of the Patreon poll, and a new choice to further shape the story.

Check out the first panel here:

The poll prompt is below -- the first Choice Moment of the project.  We hope you'll join our Patreon to help support this new exciting project and take a hand in steering this comic's storyline!  Vote by commenting on either post!

Here we join the Vigilant as it sets down on the dust-ball of Lioka Cross.  In the next moment, hexshell fire rings out in the ship's cargo hold, and the Captain is knocked to the deck by a hit.  


Choice Moment #1


The ringing of hexshell fire is still reverberating through the cargo hold. The Captain's blood splatters across the corrugated deck. 

Staring at the boots approach, and the heavy hexshell rifle, the Captain tries to focus. "Off kilter..." the Captain thinks. "Things have been off kilter for a while."


Identity Decision *


[     ] The Captain is male

[     ] The Captain is female

[     ] That's not the Captain!  That's an male Officer

[     ] That's not the Captain!  That's an female Officer

* More identity questions will follow in later panels.