What Now? - Digital Existential Expressionism
Hello again my dear friends and supporters. I have returned from the abyss. I have had some goal-offsetting large events happen recently and I am FINALLY back on track. This is 'What Now?', an interactive digital expressionist game/art piece. It is a the accumulation of a lot of my emotions and overall emotional experiences recently. TRIGGER WARNINGS: ptsd,social anxiety,anxiety disorder,hopeless,depression, SEIZURE WARNING, OVERWHELMING STIMULUS WARNING, loud repetitive noises. There is a lot of emotional content in this, please take care of yourself. ----------------------------- update 4/30/2014: What Now? is available on itch.io ~! http://ariellegrimes.itch.io/what-now ----------------------------- Download link from Patreon has seemed to disappeared. No worries though, I have a direct link! Available Below! vv http://www.patreon.com/file?s=42279&h=375430&i=5996