Once again I sit here, not quite awake, but not quite sleeping either.

Paris, bombs and death, not quite the friday the 13th I imagined.

I write the following part at tuesday, but I needed this offtime.

The internet rages, people are fighting without reason, and here is me, a little german guy, adult but not grown up, confronted with a life full of strange things Happening and lots of violence.

I am not saying anything, I just needed some room to write my thoughts.

And My thoughts just tell me, that it can't go on likle this.
All this Pain and the failing of societies is not what helps this world.
I am not really politically active, but with such things happening, I see the need for people to get active and do something.
To help this world out of turmoil and chaos, so it won't end in another war. Right now we have a potential destruction of society ahead, and nothing seems to get done about it.
I don't really know. I'll just stick to writing fiction and living my life without care. Maybe I can Escape this mess.

First updates on the way.

Love you.

See you.