May 27th: News, Plans, Lambdas and C++20 constexpr Memory Allocation, extra


This week on Monday, I published a new article about lambda expression.

5 Advantages of C++ Lambda Expressions and How They Make Your Code Better

And in the attachment you'll find the PDF version

The article got quite popular and generated a lot of comments at the Reddit r/cpp channel. Have a look and join the discussion:

C++20 Experiments - constexpr Dynamic Memory Allocation

As I mentioned last week today I'm happy to present a new short article on this new C++20 feature. Please have a look at the attached PDF where I explore this topic, play with examples and even forced the compiler to be a simple leak detector.

Let me know if you like the article. Do you plan to use this C++20 feature in your code? Maybe you have some more experience with this? Let's talk on our Discord server.


Some of the cool articles and materials from around the week:


If time allows I hope to write a new article about lambdas. In the comment section below the article from this week, I got some questions about using lambdas from other threads. So how about writing a blog post that would explore this idea: how to call lambdas and still safely capture variables in a multithreaded environment? We have std::thread, std::async and also parallel algorithms up to C++17.

Additionally, I'm finishing another update for the lambda ebook. This time it's about replacing old functional stuff: bind1st with modern alternatives. And I have two bonus chapters... appendixes: one with the list of techniques used in the book (so it's easier to search), and then maybe it would be nice to convert "top 5 lambda advantages" article and put this at the end of the book.

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