52/100 - Bird cycle

A list of contradictory justifications for the pursuit of weirdness:

  • Weird is another word for just different, what is weird to us could be very normal to others. Looking for weird things is a way of rethinking our own world through a different lens, and in that way weird things make the common even more valuable. 
  • Weird things are rare, rare things are precious and unique so they have more value.
  • The pursuit of normalcy is filled with anger and intolerance, the weird acts as an antidote, a place where benevolent acceptance tests its mettle. The weird is the nursery of kindness to those who are different.
  • Beyond the outer reaches of the possible, there is the original, somewhere in between there is a bordertown saloon where the weird plays the piano.
  • Weirdness is like salt, it enhances the flavor of other foods but no-one wants a plate full of it as a main meal. In this way the weird has in itself the capacity to make almost anything else better.
  • Everytime we encounter something weird a complex biochemical reaction takes place in our nervous system, alarms go off, electrical impulses are fired, otherwise sleepy neurons are woken up from long slumbers to deal with the situation, this way we keep important mental abilities in good shape. This is how pursuing weirdness is form of mental exercise.
  • The weird is a badass biker that rides a bird-cycle, and we all would love to feel as cool as he looks sometime (this piece is 2.5" by 4", update:sold).

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