Mythic Manor v0.14 Download Post

$10+ Access - June 5, 2020
$5+ Access - June 12, 2020
Public Access - June 19, 2020  <<< 

Hello everyone, it's time for Mythic Manor v0.14! Thank you all for your support and we hope you enjoy the latest update. 😊

This version brings new main and repeatable events for many of the manor girls and new events for several side characters

We've added Fuyumi, the cameo character for our 2 year anniversary winner and her new restaurant, Tsundora. We've also added Jade's cam and a brand new surveillance camera somewhere in the world!

New Content in v0.14:

 Main Girls:

  • New main story event for Esther
  • New main story event for Fanora
  • New main story event for Velle
  • New main story event for Jade
  • Repeatable events added for Esther, Fanora, Naira and Velle
  • Sleepover sex event added for Naira (in MC's room)

Side Girls:

  • New story event for Anastasia
  • New story event for Paige
  • 2 year anniversary winner's cameo character added: Fuyumi
  • 4 new story events for Fuyumi
  • 2 repeatable events for Fuyumi
  • 1 repeatable event for Paige

Additional Content:

  • Jade's surveillance cam can now be installed
  • New map location added: Tsundora

Everything Else:

  • Added new character cards for Fuyumi and Miya
  • Added bulletin board related dialogue for Esther when your repair skill is 0 
  • Clicking on a closed location on the map now tells you what times it is open
  • Entering Naira's room alone is easier (no longer requires a cam or clicking on her door)
  • Altered Naira level 22 and 23 requirements to make them a bit easier
  • Fixed animation bug in the Esther/Velle multi-event
  • Added May and June monthly PC wallpapers
  • Added $20+ patron names to PC
  • Updated the hints
  • Updated the scene gallery
  • Updated the official walkthrough


v0.14 Download Links

Windows/Linux: MEGA | Racaty
Mac: MEGA | Racaty
Android (Universal): MEGA | Racaty 

Alternate Android Versions
Arm 64 v8a:
MEGA | Racaty
Armeabi v7a: Racaty | Anonfiles
OBB Version: Racaty | Anonfiles 

Universal = Both newer & older phones, Arm64 v8a = Newer phones, Armeabi v7a = Older phones, OBB Version = Different method of installing the game, read the Instructions for this first!

Walkthrough ($20+ patrons): Click here
Cheat codes ($5+ patrons): Click here
Complete v0.13 save file: Click here


📱Android version install notes:

  • Backup your saves, then uninstall the old version of Mythic Manor.
  •  "Android > data > com.mythic.manor > files > saves" <---- Copy that "saves" folder and move it somewhere else before uninstalling, then move it back once you've successfully installed the new version.
  • There are several Android versions. If the Universal version does not work, please try an alternate version. 
  • If you are still having App not installed issues, try these suggestions:

    - After uninstalling Mythic Manor, make sure there is not a "com.mythic.manor" folder in Android > data. If there is a "com.mythic.manor" folder there, delete it before reinstalling the new version.
    - Make sure you have plenty of free space (3 GB+, the more the better)
    - Disable Play Protect
    - Allow apps from unknown sources  
    - Restart your phone

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