Illusion Overlay Mods v6.1.2 - now with eyeliner and eyebrow support!

Jun 1, 2020

Plugin that allows adding overlay textures (tattoos) to character's face, eyes, body and clothes in games made by Illusion.

What's new?


v6.1.1 - Thanks to Getdowncrazy for feedback and betatesting

v6.1 - Thanks to Coppersocket for feedback and betatesting

  • 36cee84 @ManlyMarco Add eyeliner underlays/override texture (in "Eye Overlays" tab)
  • d9f55bb @ManlyMarco Add eyebrow underlays/override texture (in "Eye Overlays" tab)
  • 7f0d90c @ManlyMarco Add Texture size limit setting - increases texture size to match overlay size, improving quality (user-side, max 2x original size by default)
  • 184120f @ManlyMarco Don't show a size warning for overlays of 2x the recommended size
  • 35505b4 @ManlyMarco Only run overlay blit code if there are overlays to apply (speedup)
  • 5176e10 @ManlyMarco [KK/KKS] Fix unused clothes overlays being left behind after removing a coordinate

Warning: Format of skin overlay extended data changed in v6.0 to accommodate the new features. Cards saved with v6.0 or later will lose overlays if loaded with v5.x or older.

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How to install

  1. Download the latest releases for your game. Warning: You only need the version specific for your game (check the prefix, for example KK = for Koikatsu). Downloading version for the wrong game or multiple versions will break things!
  2. Install the latest version of BepInEx 5 and modding API.
  3. Extract the archives into your game directory. The .dll files should end up inside BepInEx\plugins.
  4. If you use KK_CharaOverlaysBasedOnCoordinate, remove it since the feature is now implemented in this plugin (you have to transfer the overlays over manually).

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