Tour de Fleece 2020: June 27 - July 19

Dear Spinning Circle,

In previous years, Wool n' Spinning has hosted a Tour de Fleece team with the exception of last year because we were on our big trip up to the Yukon. We have decided that we'd love to have another team this year and continue with the tradition!

Remember not to overthink this 'challenge' -- it's all about having fun with our community:

Challenge Yourself.
Have fun. 

 Tag: #tdf2020

Guidelines (NOT RULES):

Spin every day the Tour rides, if possible. Saturday June 27 through Sunday July 19th. Days of rest: Monday, July 6th and Monday, July 13th. Challenge days: Sunday, July 5th and Thursday, July 15th (Just like the actual tour). Wear yellow on Sunday, July 19th for the victory announcement!

Copy and paste the above image - either light or dark - and use as your Ravatar and anywhere else you are active on social media so that everyone knows who you are spinning with - Team Wool n' Spinning 2020!

There are a couple of places for you to participate, depending on what works for you: The Slack channel will have a dedicated #tdf2020 for you to join. Click the + button and search the channel title (tdf2020) and join!

We also have a thread on Ravelry for everyone to hop on and share their projects! 

I hope you will think about joining us!



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