ABMX v5.0.5 (now with accessory support)

Plugin that adds more character customization settings to character maker of various games made by Illusion. These additional settings are saved inside the card and used by the main game and studio. You can see these settings marked orange in maker, and in the advanced window.

What's new?


  • Fixed Copy and Remove buttons not affecting other side bone in advanced window
  • Fixed loading coordinate cards causing body deformation in some cases
  • [AIS/HS2] Fixed changing hair in maker breaking hair bones in advanced window
  • Do a more aggressive update when switching coordinates, fixing some bugs


  • Update bone cache on body and head changes, supports UncensorSelector
  • Tweak baseline updates, update bone cache more often


  • [KK/KKS/EC] Added "d_bust00" to dodgy bone list
  • [EC,KKS] Fixed losing modifiers in KK character card import
  • [KKS] Fixed KK card import putting nulls in coord data in some cases
  • Added more parameter checks for CoordinateModifiers
  • Fixed unnecessary refreshes when scrolling in advanced window


  • Fixed accessory modifiers not being applied when changing coordinates and not being saved in some cases
  • Accessory modifiers are now per-coordinate by default
  • Fixed "Only New" toggle not working correctly


  • Fixed failing to find some body bones when loading characters with pre-v5 ABMX data
  • Fixed partial baseline update not working after first time


  • Added completely new advanced interface with many new features
  • Added "Reset button restores saved card value" setting
  • Added new APIs and obsolete some old APIs; Updated xmldocs
  • Use objHeadBone instead of cf_j_head as start of head bones (affects partial loading of body/head)
  • Fixed inconsistencies between how length and position sliders affect bones
  • Fixed head modifiers not working on custom heads

You can see the full changelog including previous versions here

How to use?

  1. Make sure that you have at least BepInEx 5.4.19 and KKSAPI v1.34 for your game installed, and your game is updated (or the latest available for PH).
  2. Download the latest release for your game below. You only need the version specific for your game.
  3. Extract the release to your game directory. The dll file should end up inside BepInEx\plugins folder in your game's directory.
  4. Start character maker, you should see new settings and categories show up. ABMX settings are highlighted in yellow. You can turn on the advanced window in bottom right in KK/EC and in plugin settings in AI (press F1).

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