Content Summary for June 2019

Jun 6, 2020

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The only blog post was this:



I presented an AMA for The Test Tribe the recording should be available on facebook, and at some point should also be available on the Test Tribe Youtube channel.

I also presented a webinar for Testival meetup group. You can watch the main content on YouTube here.

Recordings for both of the above have been added (with bonus material) to my Evil Tester Talks Online bundle.

Viv Richards and I presented a workshop on dev tools at the London Tester Gathering.

The sample apps we used were:

Viv wrote the Sweetshop and Playground - both of which are fun to experiment with. I wrote The Pulper and the Buggy Games. We also showcased our Useful Snippets Chrome Extension.

We kept the workshop fluid so people could use what ever apps they preferred to experiment when working with the Chrome Dev tools. I provide an introduction to Dev Tools in my Technical Web Testing 101 online course.

Test Automation U released my "Automating in the Browser using JavaScript" course, which uses TodoMVC as a sample app and shows how to automate it from within the browser itself.

And for those of you who like to be productive on Twitter, I have added additional functionality to It is not easier to work with embedded URLs, Hashtags and saved searches now uses the Twitter Saved Searches as well as local storage. It also has shortcut links to other helpful tools for managing lists. I now primarily use this as my Twitter client to maximise the value I can get from Twitter while avoid spending much time.

And I also released a new podcast episode "Automate or Die" I will try and expand on this over the coming month with some additional podcast episodes.


I spent some time with the AccelQ Tool set using it to automate the Todo MVC app and get a feel for its modelling and DSL scripting capabilities.

If you work for a tool vendor and want me to spend some time building objective overview content to help showcase your tool then contact me and let me know.

Patreon Posts For June 2019

Twitter May 2019

I found a few interesting links that I posted to Twitter, which are listed below.

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