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Jun 6, 2020

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I've been creating daily content on Patreon and trying to find a way of making it more accessible. The Patreon interface isn't particularly good for 'lots' of content.

I've build code that automates the extraction of data from Patreon - primarily using the GUI since the Patreon API doesn't support post extracts. But I use JavaScript to scrape the data from the JavaScript working memory, rather than parse the DOM. This involves a few WebDriver JavaScriptExecutor calls and then some JSON parsing. I have a write up of this in a Patreon log post.

I have also written some code which parses the extract and can create a PDF.

This means I've introduced two new Patreon benefits:

  • a monthly pdf extract of the Patreon posts
  • a monthly pdf extract of blog posts

Its suprising just how much content you can create in a month.

For January the blog extract is a 21 page A4 document and the Patreon extract is over 100 pages.

I will gradually work back through the 2018 posts and retrospectively create monthly summary documents for 2018.

Blog Posts For Jan 2019

Patreon Posts For Jan 2019

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