Rooting For You Plant Set

It's finally done! The Rooting For You Plant Set comes with TWENTY plants!! I couldn't control myself and kept adding onto it. There is lots of variation in this set with succulents, flowers, your standard greens, and even a few perfect for kids! All of the plants are base game compatible! There are lots of swatches on each of these but I only showed one each for these preview pics. The mason jar on the wall is compatible with the pegboard set so it can go on the wall or on a pegboard. All of these can be placed on a surface as decor or on the ground. Annnnddd these are designed to scale so feel free to use [ or ] to size as you please (without leaving a huge dark spot in your game). Enjoy simmies!! And once again, thank you so, so much for your support! <3

Download here:

You can also access this on my patron exclusive webpage: 

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