CWCL Newsletter #85

Hi ladies,

Here's this week's newsletter for ya! 

I'm praying for you, for your families, and for all of your health & safety. 


Sauteed chili lime zucchini 

Sweet & Spicy meatballs 

Prayer Reflection

One night during a Bible study group I'm a part of, we began to discuss Jesus' real presence in the Eucharist. 

One of the women in the group, sort of in an exasperated way, asked if anyone else ever struggled with *feeling* the strong awareness that Jesus *is* present in the Eucharist, that He comes to us during the consecration, that we receive His body during Communion. 

Another woman in the group -- many, actually -- answered with a resounding "yes." 

Someone mentioned that every time immediately after the Consecration, she or her husband would tell one of her toddlers, "Welcome back, Jesus" -- teaching her kids about His real presence. And, cutely enough, how her toddler then once shouted it out loud during that part of Mass once... :) Which, I thought was adorable and beautiful.

If you ever find yourself struggling with *feeling* something different about Jesus' real presence in the Eucharist, I think it might be helpful to look at this relationship -- our relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist, the way that we treat our marriages... 

Sometimes, we might not be "feeling it" -- but we know that love is ultimately a choice. We all have bad days, and on those days, we have to do a little bit more work of our wills -- we have to choose to love. 

The same is true with our relationship with the Lord. We can show Jesus our love when we choose to believe and to revere and adore Him, even when we are not "feeling it."  Let's try to intentionally choose to love Him -- and His real presence in the Eucharist this week. 

Maybe it's the perfect time to try a virtual adoration hour (or ten minutes). Or to park outside of an Adoration Chapel and pray there. He knows you're there. Or go in, if you're allowed and if it's safe. :)

Pray with me...

Father in Heaven, thank You for Your real presence. You are what we need. I know You are what I desire, even when I don't realize it. I know that You are here, even when I don't feel it. Help me to believe. Help me to choose You. Amen.

Home Decor

Knit cotton throw 

Our Lady of La Leche print // Mary, Mother of God print 

Ceramic plant pots 

Scalloped wood wall shelf 

Wood pedestal table 

Porcelain teapot 

Woven apron with ruffle 

Heart succulent garden 

Iron tea rose garland 

White wood plant stand 

3 X 5 silver & grey rug 

Lumbar pillow 

Fashion Finds

White midi dress 

Blue & white tunic 

Magnolia earrings 

White eyelet flutter sleeve top 

Pink & white gingham sleeveless top 

Denim tunic dress 

Blue & white short sleeve blouse 

Green smoked short sleeve top 

Striped dress 

Pleated halter maxi dress 

Navy with ivory lace dress 

Black shirtdress 

Raffia slide sandal 

That's all for now! 

Praying for you beautiful women this week -- that you may feel seen, known and loved for who you are. 


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