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A Solstice Meditation

Jun 20, 2020

 Happy Solstice! I've recorded a little impromptu meditation for you, inspired by the Solstice Sun! Feel free to listen and enjoy. If you'd like to support me in making more material please do sign up to Patreon if you can, it really does help. I intend to share most things for free, though Patrons often get early access, and I'll be making bonus things (like readings, previews, and opportunities to choose topics) as this channel grows.

I hope you enjoy this meditation, and please, feel free to share it with anyone you think who might benefit from it today.

Now, I invite you to light a candle, get comfortable, and hit play.


Today is the Solstice, where the sun stands still in the sky. In the Northern hemisphere we are bathed in light, and we can feel the sun strengthening our spirits. In the Southern Hemisphere it is the longest night, where the stars are held in the deep dark sky. There is a saying that every flame is part of the same fire, from the flame in your candle to the fire of the sun and the stars, so we are all connected in community together through the flame and the light. 

The light casts a shadow, it illuminates and it obscures. In the darkness is the potential of all that could be, it is the belly of Ceridwen's cauldron and the darkness of the fertile soil. We stand, bathed in light, whilst the world turns to head back into the darkness of potential and dreams. Even at the greatest point of light, darkness is, just as at the points of most darkness, light resides. 

Place your hand on your heart and feel the sunlight fill it with golden light. Let that light grow with each breath. Spend some time reflecting on who you are when you are your biggest, brightest self. When do you feel most fully who you are in all your glory? When do you feel strongest, most powerful, most alive? Breathe in that feeling. Hold that feeling for a moment as you let yourself relax into this space. Feel the light of the sun filling your heart holding the light of your brightest self. Know that at any point you feel like you are struggling and the world is darkening, you can place your hand over your heart and remember this light, remember your strongest self. This is always a part of you, no matter what, so you can let it guide you through any darkness you encounter ahead.

Happy Solstice, lovely folk.

In Delight,

~ Halo

Find me also at: haloquin.net

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