No December Update and Security Problems
Okay, the holidays are a busy time for a family man, and I've only got three pages, with very little story, done. I'll post WIP stuff later so you can see some of what I've been working on. Patrons won't be charged anything this month, obviously.

More importantly -- I've been having security problems with the Sordid City Blues web site. Someone (probably someone's bot) is using exploits in WP Plugins to insert spam links into unviewable parts of the site. It's way beyond my skill to see if I've solved the problem or not -- right now the site is clean, as far as I can tell, but it's loading very slowly, which is worrisome.

I'm reconsidering my competence to run a web site, and I'm considering other options for distributing my work. A lot hinges on if Google clears my site, which could take several weeks to find out.

I'll keep you posted. Right now all I can assure you of is that I'll keep writing and drawing, and sharing it somehow, until they put me in the grave.