T.O.O.L. Group & Convenience Update

T.O.O.L. (Takes Objects Off Lot) has been updated with multiple features and improvements.

  • Group support has been added. Shift-clicking the ground will offer a TOOL menu that has "Set Grouping Box" and "Toggle Group" options. You can define a square area by using the Set Grouping Box option on two points on the ground, and then activate all objects in that square using the Toggle option.

  • Single-Click Move. When you use the Active Object/Group feature, any clicks on the ground, floor, wall, or roof will result in the object teleporting there immediately. You will notice the move active object option missing from the ground menu because it's now unnecessary.  To exit this mode, shift-click and use the toggle active object/toggle group option again.
  • Single-Click Object Switching. Once you've marked an object active, selecting any object that's not active will automatically switch to that object. Again, to exit this mode, simply shift-click the active object and toggle active off.
  • Hide Grouping Box. Because of the new group options, I've added this option to hide the markers when desired.
  • Rotation Bug Fixed. Some players reported that the rotation axis wouldn't refresh until you re-opened the dialog. It now auto-reopens the dialog and refreshes the axis as originally intended.
  • MovableDialog Option re-added. I've updated this alternative version of TOOL for Eco Lifestyle, which lets you move the camera around while using TOOL dialog boxes. If you choose to use this version, keep in mind it can cause some mildly annoying glitches with escape menus (such as having to close a box to see the confirmation box).

    I hope this is found as a huge improvement for productivity with TOOL. Thanks everyone!

    This is a multipart mod so I've zipped them. Pick the version you'd prefer below (regular or MovableDialog) and open it. Drag the two files inside to your mods folder.
  • TS4script files can NOT be more than 2 folders deep in your mods folder.
  • Keep the ts4script and package file together.

    EDIT: Quick hotfix for elevation not working with group objects. Please re-download if you already grabbed it.

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